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I'm sorry
I just realized what it is. The center of all my conflicts.

I think too much.

That's it. I just think too much. I can never let go because I think too much about what could go wrong. I have OCD because I think too much about my comfort. I rarely accomplish my goals because I think too much about excuses, or how I could be having fun instead. I have poor clairvoyance because I don't know how to shut up my brain so I can listen to my subconscious. I've become selfish because I'm always thinking, and I'm usually alone, so I usually think about myself. The list goes on and on.

We go to school so we can learn to use our brains. Well, I wish I could have someone teach how NOT to use my brain. It would fix everything for me. I can't even describe how angry I get at myself for being such a wimp. Everyone else seems to easily do things with their eyes closed that would take me hours of adrenaline-filled doubt to talk myself into doing. The one thing I've managed to train myself (on my own!) not to be afraid of is public speaking. People call me brave for doing it, but I think I'd sooner perform a skit in front of a million people than I'd pop those training wheels off my dusty bicycle.

If I ever say, "It sucks to be me," I don't mean my life. I have an awesome life. But sometimes I hate myself as a person.
My tablet software just started working. I don't know what the hell I did. But it's working. But I have to press really hard to get maximum pressure. :I Is there no end to my misery.
I've been procrastinating drawing. Sorry. :I I swear I'll get to both the art trades in the next few days or so...
....To remove some of my old art from the Featured section of my gallery? Or is it better to leave it there so you can see the improvement?

EDIT: I don't mean I'd take it off deviantART. I just mean I'd remove it from the Featured section of my gallery to give viewers less garbage to go through. :P It would still be present in my Art folder.
My cheapass WP5540 tablet's installation CD is missing some files or whatever, so today I downloaded and installed the drivers from some website. And lo and behold, it did jack shit to add the pressure sensitivity. I'm sick of this dumb tablet. Dx I think I'll buy a Bamboo one. Which one would you recommend?
I'm going to my first furmeet tonight. .-. My first anything-meet, really. I don't know what to expect. I almost always stand around awkwardly and then walk away in tears whenever I'm around large friend groups that make no effort to include me. And should I bring my sketchbook? Wear kitty ears?? Anything?? I don't even have a fursuit yet. What if they're all adults?
A while ago I decided I was a deer. Have you heard of teen werewolves? I think that's the coolest fad ever. Except I am by no means a werewolf. I'm shy, wimpy, vegan, curious, and observant. I'm obviously a bunny deer, right? I had this idea to start my own herd, like a rival to the wolf packs, and everyone would wear deer costumes and have deer names. No, I'm not joking. I came up with the name Cookie Doe for myself. But then I decided to make a fursona out of it and stuff, and it basically became a chocolately reincarnation of Jupi, but with even less personality than my current fursona. I considered replacing my fursona again with this new Cookie Doe, but then I realized that I love cats too freaking much, and I love my fursona too freaking much. I love her in all her flat-charactered, overly-kawaiified glory. ;wwww; Okay I'm just happy that I've finally settled down on one fursona. I think I'll establish Cookie Doe as a character though. And maaaaybe cosplay as her. Or just as a generic doe. Who knows, I just might start my own deer herd.
Jupi stop. What are you doing. Clean up that watch list this instant. It is getting insane. No. Jupi. Clean it. Now.
Look at how awful it is
why do people even watch me ._.… is this? I mean, it's totally cool if you wanna trace over my animations for practice or whatever. I'm way more cool about it than I used to be. But what is even the point of posing as me? Claiming my character is yours? Really? Don't you want your own original style? :/ It's much more rewarding.
I have 5 ponies all painted and ready to be rehaired; I just have to seal them. I own: matte Mod Podge; clear matte acrylic spray-on sealer; gloss matte acrylic spray-on sealer; and non-yellowing varnish. The only ones I've used are the sealers, so I'm a little iffy about using the others on my ponies that I worked so hard on. Apparently Mod Podge works the best, but I'm really worried that it'll clog up the hair plugs (which are already pretty clogged from the paint). I need help from someone with experience! :C Is it safe to use this on my ponies?? I really appreciate any tips!
EDIT: Check out my friend's journal as well. Also, one thing I forgot to mention below is that he blackmailed me too. He threatened to dox me and post my personal info on Youtube. I had a reason to be scared because he had my phone number, but I overestimated his "skills." Where's the video, Tanner? Also, the first time I clearly remember him contacting me was through a phone call this summer, in which he left me a voicemail message. Creepy, much?

Okay. I've changed, really. I'm nicer now. I've stopped hating on people and all. But this isn't so much of a HATE POST as it is a WARNING to my fellow peers out there. And everyone else, really.

If you hate listening to long rants, here: I'll sum it up for you before you change the page. Avoid Tanner Jahnke. . . John-kee? Is that how you say his name? Ugh, let's just call him Tanner Junk for now.

Mr. Junk began bothering me months ago. Maybe it's already been a year. Who knows. I don't know when exactly it started, but I know it has to end. Tanner is a most poor excuse for a human being, and is living proof that we are the not the intelligent species we appear to be. Tanner makes me ashamed to be living on this planet.

He happens to think he is a gangster, and claims to live in a ghetto neighborhood. He says he's done crimes, but I think it's just for attention. He listens to only the shittiest selections of rap music in order to boost his exaggerated ego. This of course doesn't make up for the fact that he is poorly educated and has a face and attitude only a mother could love.
Since our friend Tanner here doesn't know how to speak and hold even the most bland of conversations, he says inserts into the conversation what he calls, "random words." Only they're not really random. He just says the same things over and over again: fishryan; nar walls; cusco cusco cusco; dj pingers; fishing; dududu; huhuhu; your mom; and his favorite, pingers, are just a few of them. I believe he is still adding to the list. Also, his spelling is atrocious.

I've blocked him countless times, but he keeps trying to add me again and again. God knows how many accounts he has. Just do a Google search for "Tanner Jahnke" and any profile you find with Club Penguin, Chowder, graffiti, or a picture of a small bald boy trying to be cool is most likely him.

I had tried everything. I played nice and I played mean. When we first met, I was friendly and encouraging with him. After a while I got really annoyed with his personality and blocked him. Then he created a fake account by the name of Connor Lasko in an effort to make me his friend again. I played along with it and gave Tanner another chance. But I couldn't stand him. He bothered me constantly. So I blocked him again. This time he pretended he had a girlfriend, Alyssa Haidlinger. I could tell she was fake because she rarely updated her profile, and only messaged me when I ignored Tanner. They also  shared an IP address.

Finally, I snapped. I pretended to be his girlfriend for two months on a failed mission to get an embarrassing video of him for blackmail. But I'm sick of being patient. I'm tired of lying to him. Every time he messages me, it feels like someone cut open my stomach and put a huge rock in there. I hate him with all my heart. I always have.

So Tanner is an extremely dumb, unsophisticated person, and should be avoided at all costs. Oh, but don't take my word for it! Why don't you talk to him yourself to form your own opinion? I've gathered a list of all of his accounts that I know of below.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

Tanner is an awesome rapper. Don't you agree?

Here are some of his profiles:………………………………………

Skype: chowder.44516
If I've ever told you my tablet isn't pressure-sensitive, I was wrong. Sort of. See, I've been using this thing for almost 4 years now and it's never sensed pressure. But a while ago I found the installation CD for it, and it claimed to have pressure-sensitivity. So I popped in the installation CD, and it was apparently missing an essential file or two needed for installation. -_- I srsly have like the cheapest kind of tablet you can get. I'm thinking of buying a new one. My very first one had stopped working after about a year, and I honestly didn't expect this one to last so long. I could really use dat pressure sensitivity. It would make drawing sharp lines a lot faster. :[
It's boring. I've been doing more fun things that benefit me, like painting my furniture, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym. Aside from that, my laptop's been really slow, so my daddy got me a new one! :DDD I'm having quite a bit of trouble transferring my flash files though, so expect to see some short new projects for now. <3

P.S. I think I'm slowly turning into a generic teenager.
I was tagged by: :iconfrotorulezzz:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5. No tag backs.

1. I have really straight posture. Because of this, my shoulder blades are usually sticking out.
2. I'm closer to my teachers than I am to my classmates.
3. I spend a lot of time alone on purpose.
4. I am super obsessed about myself. If I change so much as my walking pattern, I have this feeling that people will notice. X_x
5. I actually don't want to be an animator.
6. I have 11 cats, 6 dogs, 3 chickens, and 3 bunnies.
7. I'm a slow, deep thinker. This means my reading pace is slow, and I'm terrible at improv and conversationalizing. (not a word, lol)
8. I prefer cloudy, gray, shadowy weather over bright, hot, sunny weather.
9. I hate flat shoes. All my shoes are tenna shoes.
10. I'm always wearing shoes. At least loose ones. If I don't, my feet/socks will get super dirty from walking around the house.

I tag:

And anyone else who reads this. I'm too lazy to notify people. :I
After three long years of using Flash, I just know found out how to make the music sync with my animations. All I had to do was change the Sync to 'Stream'. I wish I'd known ;~; It would've made my animations so much easier to make. . . You see, before now, I had to watch my animations from the beginning. Every single time. But now I can click anywhere on the timeline and press Enter and start from there! This is wonderful <3

If you have any Flash questions, ask in the comments and I'll try to help you too!
. . . That the majority of girls are so offended by groping. I, myself, really enjoy it. In fact, if my guy is not interested in my body, I will probably feel rejected. I'm sure you other ladies out there enjoy being fondled. But a lot of you let your human beliefs get in the way of your wonderfully selfish pleasure:

"It's against my religion!"
"It's demeaning to women! We shouldn't be treated like bags of meat!"
"It makes me feel like an object!"
"It's disrespectful!"
"Just because I dress like a skank doesn't mean I am one!"

  God, feminists piss me off. >_> And these people in denial leave the other ones feeling confused or guilty for instinctively enjoying being groped.

  I am simply expressing my opinion. After a bit of bored research, I realized I couldn't find any chicks on my side of the spectrum. And that's why I'm posting this here. Feel free to argue in the comments.
I have a thousand more subscribers on my old Youtube account than my new one, and still coming. Pitiful for me. Tsk, tsk.