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Spirit Pg 94

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Verbena seems kind. ^_^

Shame Sans wasn't kind enough to care if she was alright, or help her look for it. Seeing as it's HIS fault she lost it. 

Yeah buddy, you gotta work harder if you want ME to ship you with her. >.> 
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Such an emotional girl, but then I don't think the shock has fully set in yet.
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I like the way the story moves. Design of characters. Dialogues. Backgrounds. Color palette. Everything is so perfect for me! This comic is worthy of more attention from fans of Undertale! It's just that I personally rarely meet well-written OС stories in the form of a comic book. And I'm frankly frustrated that excellent comics have little attention.
And now I'm going to ask a stupid question. Does Faу cry because of a hair-clip that hasn`t been found, or because of fear of Verbena?
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I means so much to hear you praise my work. Thank you so much. And I'm glad that you like my characters ^^

To answer your question:
Fae is crying because of the loss of her hair clip. She has been trying to act tough, because she doesn't want to bother people with her crying. But after the first person they asked said they didn't see it, her emotions took the better of her. 
So in short Fae started to cry because she had a sudden dread of never finding her hair clip again.