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Spirit Pg 191

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Hmm wait a second that's not a monster soul it's a soul of love so it's not frisk

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Oh flowey has determination so that's why the soul has vines. so he stole another soul and put it in his "toy" and used the soul control frisk's body but flowey doesn't have a strong grip on the soul in frisk body

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Someone's holding a monster soul upside down to control the body??? 0.o 
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Hmm, haven't had anyone come to that conclusion yet. Interesting. 
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Alright, 2 pages out right next to each other of ur wonderful comic,.....& im already done, curse my fast reading skillls & good highly consumable comics, now to wait for the next update(s).  Also, this pages raises so many questions.  :)
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Wait....their SOUL is white. Only time we see a white SOUL is a monster SOUL. And you can see the red for the DETERMINATION. But it looks like it's either being sucked out of them or struggling to break through. Probably the latter. But if that's the case and Chara isn't in this story, who or what has possessed Frisk?
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You are pretty close there, but not quite right. Frisk's soul is a colorless grey. And the determination is coming from an outside source. 
I love seeing you think critically about this keep it up! ^^b
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WAIT.... Is Frisk some knid of a zombie and a ghost/Chara is possesing them?!?
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As I've stated before. Chara is not in this comic.
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thanks for clearing it up ^^
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I really hope frisk won't stay bad
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lmao flowey controls the poor kid
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