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Spirit Pg 134

By XJunjoX
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Sans my mans.... i see your rockin a spoon to eat your spaghetti.... Good choice 👍

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The Great Papyrus is the only one that can fix any problem with spaghetti...and his kind heart.

Neither of you have taste buds

dyonisia96's avatar
Your comic is getting prettier and prettier, I love it ❤️
XJunjoX's avatar
Ah, man. I look back on this page and think about how much better I could do it now. Haha. It is much better than my first chapter of pages, though.
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I LIVE in Gouda.
I knew it was spaghetti!!!
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two of them are just impasta's!
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NerdyKitten2022's avatar
I love your comic it’s very well done!
XJunjoX's avatar
Do not worry!!! 
More pages are being made as we speak!
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just found this comic  through the dub i have sinned by not finding this comic sooner honestly im surprised that not many people noticed this comic its definitely up there in the list of undertale related comics i read (and oh boi was that a LOT) keep up the great work
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Thank you so much!
I'm glad you like my work. I'm very greatful to the dub for helping get my comic out to more people.
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no she forgot to tell the PUN guy that toriel sends her regards ... oh well
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If you remember, Toriel said to give greeting to someone fond of knock knock jokes, not puns.
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