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Spirit Pg 132

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Hmm... Asasination, just what I expect of my dear guests

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Fae kinda is like me in the sense that we both apologize a bit more than we need to lol

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paps: I know will fix friendships
fae: procedes to allmost kill sans (by accident but killing him would bring her to LV19 and then we'd have problems)
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Why would killing only Sans make her level rise so much? 
I mean I know he gives a lot of experience, but  not THAT much haha
malacite1's avatar
eh if you look at the EXP he gives off it's 9999999 or somthing like that
 way I figure it that's easly enough to get to LV19
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I've seen other people shipping Sans & Fae, I'm happy I'm not the only one, god I'm such a sinful shipper, esp. when it comes to Sans.  Anyways Sans x Fae all the way!
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dont worry, i'm a sinner too.
you should SEE my wattpad account.
it has the same username as this one.
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I'm really enjoying all the shiping here. I'm all for you guys having fun with my characters and imagining good pairs for them. Especially Fae because she deserves to be happy~
I have yet to see any fan work done with it. I would be really curious to see what people would come up with. SFW of course, though.
Poltergeist crap!
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Oh my goodness I thought Sans would die o-o
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If I get my but in gear I may be able to post another update soon. Like late today or early tomorrow. 
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nooooooo it ends here, i wanna read more, but there isn't any more. D:
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don't worry I'm working on the next update as we speak! ^^b
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I just found this and I have to say.

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Downloaded the reference so Im totally drawing Fae now :D
XJunjoX's avatar
Yay! I'd love to see it~
MadmanLava's avatar
It will be on my gallery at some point along with other fan art hur
MadmanLava's avatar
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It said humans with high magical energy become ghosts, so this stuff happening in the past seems consistent. I also love the “simplified” background faces. A lot like the ones from Gunnerkrigg court.
XJunjoX's avatar
Thank you^^ 
I hadn't even heard of Gunerkrigg court until you mentioned it. Looks pretty cool ^^b
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You will get sucked in pretty soon, and in a very good way.
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Also sorry about the broken punctuation and stuff, dont know why it does that
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