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Spirit Pg 130

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Sans, you didn't just turn here blue, u threw her to the ground, if she wasn't already a ghost she probably would have been after that, though I guess he probably wouldn't tell Papyrus that (Just read the rest of the page wow Papyrus just told Sans what I was thinking).  To be clear, I'm not mad at Sans, it was reflex, an accident, & he knew Fae was a ghost.  And Fae, don't be sorry, u are adorable and sweet & just wanted to make him laugh more and share the joy of flying with him, u just didn't think things through completely.  Anyways, neither are in trouble or should really feel guilty or sorry.  But still if it it makes u feel better, both of u say sorry to each other, Kiss & make up, & just friends or something & stuff, & be happy, let the great papyrus bring u both together, cheer u both, & make spaghetti for u guys!  :)
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That's right! You tell those little cuties what's what! (I'm loving how much you are paying attention to the details~)
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Hug? Hot chocolate?? SPAGHETTI??????
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And this is why (plus many other things) PAPYRUS  is awesome Kawaii Papyrus
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I love this! Just found it, I love the premise! Something of note is how Fae doesn’t know about Asgore collecting souls. Lucky she’s a ghost(lucky in a dark way), she won’t come under attack for her soul now. If she meets him after learning that, awkward conversation, considering that if she had survived the fall, they would be fighting instead. Unless that soul shape on her back is real, in which case, *ASGORE plays* (PS I wanted to say this so much I went and made a DeviantArt acc to do so)
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You make an excellent point. 
The reason Fae doesn't know about it yet is because Toriel didn't feel the need to mention him to her. Since she is a ghost monster, she would have no reason to be hunted down. (Plus Toriel has trouble mentioning him if she doesn't absolutely have to.) 
Perhaps someone will mention him to her at some point. And I'm sure that it would make her feel even more guilty for multiple reasons. 
But I do not know if she will ever meet him, based on how I plan the story to go. 
We'll see. 
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Alright! Just got curious. Asgore is my favorite character. Keep up the good work!
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Ah, Thank you ^.^
I'll try my best! Both with the pages and with not burning out! heh heh
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This is an amazing comic!!!!!
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Oh! Thank you so much~
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Love this comic. Looking forward to more ^_^
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Ah, Thank you ^^
I'll try my best! I hope you'll like what comes next!
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wow! i saw all your comic and i think it's really cool!
you know i do a comic on undertale too
it's an au of an au
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Thank you~
It's really cool that you're working on a comic, too. I think it can really help artists improve their skills! Keep it up!
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your welcome and thantk you too
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OMG! I can't wait for the next two pages!!!!! I LOVE this!
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