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Spirit Pg 122

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So , if this is still Frisk with a new look and name that we are talking about (after they died by falling the wrong way on the flowerbed I guess) , it would make sense why they would want to completely forget and change themselves and their past...

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I still don’t think it’s Frisk as the soul is the wrong color, and Frisk was gone when Fae and Toriel came back. I don’t think Flowey has any reason to drag off the body, so Frisk probably got up and left

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Yeah , at first I thought it was just Firsk with a different look and backstory but after cathing up with the story , I see that the plot is much more than just that.

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Sadly it is the fact that Fae cannot forget her past that she has as many problems as she does now.

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Maybe forgetting she was ever human once would be a GOOD thing for her...
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Wait, I just realized, is that glasses girl...crying? And Fae is saying it's her fault and she's sorry, so I'm not sure what's happening here.
All I know is that it was triggered by Papyrus grabbing her hand out of enthusiasm, presumably pretty hard, so ouch.
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You actually hit the nail on the head. That woman is crying and those red letters are what Fae hears and feels in her head when having this (pretty warped) flashback. 
But the thing that set her off was the combination of Papyrus taking her hand and saying welcome. 
Papyrus did grab her hand gently, though. 
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ptsd can do that to a person. You can be having a great time with your friends and then one little thing can set you off. 
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Yeah it's tough for her. But this whole story is about how she grows into a stronger person so things will get better in the end ^^
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Of course, that's not something she knows now.


For now she just needs to know she has love and support. 
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Yup yup! It's all part of the journey ^^ 
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