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Spirit Pg 106

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Wow, those tomatoes look tasty.

I just ate dinner, and your food-drawings make me crave more! Also, I wanna pinch Fae's cheek.

Dang-it Papyrus!! When I think about how hard this woman works to grow her crops, and you still mix them into -REDACTED-. Then again, Undyne's the one giving him cooking lessons...

Still, a waste of good resources.:saddummy:

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That explains why they need so many tomatoes...

papyrus won't stop making SPAGETY

[Papyrus in the distance] Is there something wrong with my SPAGETY

[Me] yes you use way to many tomatoes


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Haha, of course, it's the kid that took it. Shinies. xD
Hopefully, Fae just informs them both it's hers and the kid gives it back without a fuss when she tells them she was knocked out on the snow. Hana should back her up with the fact that she was looking for it since she woke up.
And the kid doesn't try to do finder's keepers or something.
(Kid trust issues on my end lol)
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Finally we got to an unknown identity thief! Little cute rabbit! In general, the comic is wonderful! I enjoyed the scenery of Snowdine. I hope that Fae will get his hairpin back without any problems. Or is it not to happen?

The design of rabbits is so cool and cute! The mention of Papyrus made me smile! I can not wait to meet the main character with Papyrus and Sans, who needs to apologize to our spirit.

Forgive me for a long silence. Study took up free time. And now I became freer and immediately saw new pages! Besides, I have a birthday today! This is such a cool gift for me, as your reader.
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Oh thank you so much!!

I'm very excited to see the skeleton brothers, too ^.^
Don't worry about it. School comes first in my book so it is no problem. And Happy Birthday!! I'm so happy that my little comic can make you smile on such a special day~
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