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Toph Alt Outfit by XJKenny, visual art

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Favourite genre of music: rock, techno, fantasy and adventurous type. Currently listening to Lollipop and Hey Mickey.

Favourite cartoon character: Gwen (Total Drama Series), Zoey, Raven, Jenny.

Favourite Movies
back to the future
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
not certain
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Playing video games, drawing comic, doujinshi and artwork, basketball
Doing Commissions. Is been a while but wanted to let you all know that I am still doing commissions. If anyone is interested, drop me a note *^-^*
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Is DA doing something or maintenance, or am I the only having this glitch. My DA page was working fine on Wednesday morning and then at night, something happen. My main DA page, the pictures are not loaded and showing like empty picture frames. And I can't access comments, replies, activity, mentions and correspondence page at all. But good thing I somehow still can access notes and submit deviations, but not straight through my main DA page. I try going to other deviants main DA page, empty picture frames but one or two picture is loaded, I tried using other devices like cell phone and other PC without logging in, I can see my main DA page looks normal and I am a bit panic on what is going on. If anyone is experiencing similar glitch these past few days, let me know via notes cos I can't access comments or let me know if DA did announce something to fix this. And also if anyone knows if these problems is going to be fixed cos I did submit two tickets and this is the first time I see
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The new layout doesn't seem to suit me at all and preferred the classic layout, do spread the love and words for the classic to the staff and hope the classic stays as an option. Cos the new layout seems laggy a bit.
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I think that zoroark-trainer person needs some cheering up, what do you think XJKenny?

She could use some cheering up and she seems to be better now.

Are you sure, some people actually don't act or say that they're hurt or wounded or emotionally distraught. But in truth they are really really down at that time.

And how do you cheer her up?

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Hi. Mr Kenny. If you don't remember our last chat it's ok, but I was wondering did you forget or were you really annoyed by me? If I did I'm really sorry I'm an honest man and I just want to discuss things as a noble being. Let me know all right(in the chat. Cause it's rather like to talk to you there, if it's ok with you)

I am not annoy or anything just got some commission and personnel works to work on, and I rarely use the chat function that much.

Well I wanted to ask you something on the chat and I wrote several you can ignore the last one(it's about youtube) do you still remember Jose ramirez? Is it ok if you let him do a attorney angelica for bloo? Like a restraining order or bodyguards like hulk or any strong character to protect him(I did thought about having Wonder woman using her lasso to help him with situations) he deserves better, he does have a good heart and girls(Bridget, rose, penny, and that black hair girl I saw on x booru) who didn't hurt him stand by his side. Truth is I feel bad for bloo and I'm just not proud at all. So with your permission, will it be ok? I'm an honest person and I like to give people ideas, I don't ask for requests. Hope this gets to you