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_Notes from the commissioner_:
Princess Celestia glares at Discord as he slithers into her throne room. The draconequus performs his usual juvenile song and dance, not even trying to hide that he is up to no good. And yet, something about the look on his face tells Celestia that his intentions are more insidious than usual. Dreadful reports have been coming in from all over Equestria, with Discord's name written all over them. They sound a lot worse than his usual antics, yet when she confronts him about it, he just laughs and mocks her.

No more! She will put a stop to this, right now! Charging her horn, she fires a beam of energy to silence and subdue the deceitful being of chaos. Discord dodges with ease, taunting her while he weaves back and forth and circles around, slowly closing the distance between them. Celestia fires again and again, growing increasingly frustrated with each miss. An instinctive dread creeps up on her, growing stronger as Discord approaches, but she ignores it. This is not the first time she has to deal with him, and it will certainly not be her last!

After dodging the latest volley from Celestia's horn, the draconequus moves right in front of her, too close to give her time to aim. In her frustration, Celestia lashes out, trying to knock him away with a forehoof. Her horn charges up another spell, and her wings spread to let her take flight, if needed. Just before her leg connects, Discord's paw comes up to catch it, holding on tight and giving a firm tug to keep her close, while his lips curl into an ecstatic, evil grin. She glares back at him, trying to wrestle her hoof free.

A split second later, Celestia lets out a choked gasp, eyes going wide as she feels something strike her in the chest. There is no pain, but the sensation is no less disturbing, making her whole body lock up. She can feel something "penetrate" her being, reaching in deep, sending a flow of turbulent energy into her. Glancing down, she sees Discord's talons embedded in her chest, having gone through her necklace and body as if they were but air. Around the "wound", a dark, swirling taint begins to spread out, its texture looking oddly familiar…
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What happened? What did Discord do this time?