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Celestia's mind races as she tries to cope with what is happening. She recognizes the unique aura of Discord's magic, back from when her and Luna stopped his spree of chaos. Now this turbulent power invades her directly, slowly trickling in through Discord's talons and spreading out on her body. Wherever it reaches, it comes with flurry of strange sensations — all at once, the creeping energy feels cold, hot, ticklish, buzzing and prickling… impossible to bring into focus. And underneath it all, she can sense her body changing in the wake of the magic, slowly succumbing to a corruption she can barely comprehend.

"Oh Goddess…" she whispers weakly.

"Discord will suffice~" the draconequus replies in a deep, insidious tone.

Celestia tries to struggle, but her limbs are locked in place, both by Discord's grip and the intense, unsettling experience. Sensing this, Discord lets go of her foreleg and casually floats beside her, watching the process play out with a satisfied smirk. The princess draws shaky breaths, slowly rearing up after a light tug from Discord's claw. The corruption spreads further within and along her body, her half-raised forelegs trembling as they begin to be coated as well.

She lifts her head, as if hoping to escape the swirling taint crawling up her neck, and she struggles to focus her eyes on her opponent's own. More and more, she feels the chaotic energies consume her very being and twist it out of shape. Her right wing is the first to be fully encased, twitching a few times, its silhouette morphing under the aura of Discord's magic. After a few moments, the effect pulls away from the appendage, revealing a large, bat-like wing, taking after the color of a burning sunrise.
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This gives me Agent Smith vibes. :)