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So yes I decided to work on a transformers drawing this time. I really do not know why I took so long, them being my favorite comic/cartoon/animated movie characters of all time. Maybe I thought I just wasn't ready to work on them. In any case here they are in all there glory.
<center>The Constructicons</center> From left Longhaul, Hook, Scrapper, Scavanger, bonecrusher which made it into the transformers live action movie btw and mixmaster whos standing on top of that half built fortress.
you can read the bio here http://www.angelfire.com/tx3/transformers/constructicons.html

I will give a detailed description (copied from there official profiles of course) in a bit but let me talk a bit about the artwork first.

What we have is 5 constructicons in the foreground standing in front of a half build decepticon fortress of some sort. The design of the constructicons themselves comes from a mix of there official comic book profiles , Dreamwave redesign and the original toy box art.
this is the basic g1 design. the cartoon and comic for that matter did not really do justice with the characters as it was rushed to meet deadlines thereby really killing any detail .

Starting from left longhaul-the strongest and heaviest of the constructicons but also the most disrespected. he is also very unhappy with his job as the group dumptruck. I decided to show him stepping up to the front and equiping him with large laser hand cannon to compensate for
his self conscious character.

Hook-the confident smug perfectionist , he stands with a smug pose. I decided to equip him with a laser pistle with a scope which he intends on hitting his enimies with everyshot.

Scrapper-the leader, hes the one who usually decides the constructicons plan of action whether it be building some weapon for megatron or uniting to form devestator. I posed him in a confident gang leader pose while he hides a assassins handgun under his right arm.

scavenger-I see scavenger as a theif and someone who will do anything and use anything he finds as a means to survive. For this reason I give him two weapons, one is his standard plasma gun and another
is a laser hand canon he most likely found or took from another decepticon or autobot.

bonecrusher-hates everyone and everything and hes not afraid to show or say it. I give bonecrusher a fist grasping stance as if he's a second away from beating someone to dust. He has no weapons as he prefers to run up and rain blows down
like a maniac . bonecrusher is the toughest and will usually go berserk in the presence of his enemies.

Mixmaster is standing on top of the fortress overseeing the completion , The main purpose of me placing him there is that I just did not have enough room to include him in the group shot.
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Mixmaster got scammed, he's always been my favourite