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+ PPCHA Computer Club LOGO +

~ Weeee!!..... I'm very Proud to pResent this Logo i made esPecially for my Computer Club! (For our offical shiRt!)

........Yeyyyyy! Finally we'll be having Our Own Official LOGO!

Tshirts and ButTon pinS will cOme Up Very sOon! ^_____^ Pls Do PUrcHaSe One! (dOnt resist! i know you think its cUte! HahA)

~Computer Club memBers have little disCOunts anD fOr nOn MemBers....... you have to pay the whOLe amOunt. But hey the shiRt wont cOst that mUch! ^______^

anywaYz pls dO visit OUr BOOth on Our FounDatiOn day...... we Have TOns Of sUrpriSe, diScoUnts, aNd raffLes fOr U! ^_______^

~Computer Club President ^___^
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WEEE!! ang cute! haha.. kanu ulet bayad sa tshirt? haha
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Ayttttttt! So cUteeeeee! ^____________^