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Mi-Go (The Fungi from Yuggoth):

“They were pinkish things about five feet long; with crustaceous bodies bearing vast pairs of dorsal fins or membraneous wings and several sets of articulated limbs, and with a sort of convoluted ellipsoid, covered with multitudes of very short antennae, where a head would ordinarily be.... As it was, nearly all the rumours had several points in common; averring that the creatures were a sort of huge, light-red crab with many pairs of legs and with two great bat-like wings in the middle of their back..."

- H.P. Lovecraft, “The Whisperer in Darkness”

Close up : [link]
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5 ft. long? Meaning these things are about the size of a large/medium dog? That includes it's tail?

What am I talking about? This is a psionic creature that can will me to having a seizure before putting my brain in a jar.
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Gonna need a bigger boot for this one.
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Well that won't haunt my dreams. Nope, definitely not horrifying beyond words.
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Fairly nice, a bit squat however. 
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Very good illustration!
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Yeah now THIS is a Mi go! Brilliant job!!
Really like the lighting here.
any more Lovecraft beasties on the way?
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Not at the moment, pretty hooked up with college. xD

Was done for a challenge. =D
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Ah yes, the old Schoolin! With you there!
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I think this might be the best version of the Mi-go around. :)
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You are very welcome.
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Ah, the good old Fungi from Yuggoth. Ia Ia and five stars! Great work & detail, and gets the mindbending nature in.
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WOW... O_O Amazing work!
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Welcome mate ^^
Iä, Iä, Cthulhu fhtagn!
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May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit
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Gimme a poke when the vid is up. :D
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[link] Here you go, sorry for the delay
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Awesome job dude!!! Love it!
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