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Asian Curiosity

By xiusha
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HE,HE,HE i love asian girls, who doesn't =P
I think they r very sexy in a childish way full of manga feeling (lol) so :heart: them!
This is one of my experiments, i wanted to do a real like illustration this time. hope i did well :)
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The girl look so pretty, this pic is lovely
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I really love this one!!! <3 :happybounce:  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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looks very similar to someone that i like...
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Asian's are so cute! UwU -cat face-
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Absoolutely awesome!
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Thank you for thinking about Asians in a positive light. But I can't help people don't mind not caring about Asian men and even abuse them with cold shoulders and insults... That's what my brother believes and I agree...

Anyway, very beautiful picture O.O
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Very nice drawing
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I know exactly what you're talking about, man! I love Asian girls too!
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This is very cute!
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I really like it!!
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I love the fish but I wish she had more definition on her face! Its out of balance to me! But I love the fish-did I say that already?
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very well done :) the fish is cute! :love:
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asians are awesome! japanese are my favorite! sadly.....im not asian.....):
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I like it. she is trying to poke the lil fishy ^^
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this is really awesome <3
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She's pretty. :) I find the title cute, too!
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she looks beautiful. i love asian women too i hope to marry one some day
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