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I don't earn any money by doing my art, i just like to share what i make. But if you like you can spend me a 'coffee' @ :)…

After a very long time (some years) i just started to rebuild the design of my homepage, with the focus to be an online gallery of my artworks and stuff. If you're intrested you can have a peek on an, well, 'alpha' version.
Just keep in mind:
- it is not final now
- it might not work on all browser (especially very outdated ones)
- there is a lot of image content => respect you bandwidth if you're mobil. I didn't optimized the images totally in (file)size
- by using some fancy stuff (animations, etc.) it might 'stutter' or whatever, it isn't optimized either
- there might/will be bugs (especially when resizing, etc)
- some things are still TBD

Some facts:
- 100% created by my own hand, JS/CSS/HTML-wise (i'm a web developer, it would be a shame if not)
- all content copyrights belong to me
- i used a development setup with Gulp, SASS, Jade and CoffeeScript (in case you're intrested in such stuff)
- for sure it is not allowed to copy/modify/etc. do anything related to this page and/or its sourcecode or content (media, etc.)
Hey there,

regarding to my current development project 'xInspire' here is an example what could be the use of this program. By randomly generating scenes i created at least this one:

2016-07-24 09-01-20 by xistenceimaginations
That 'triggered' something in my imagination, so i took it to work on that piece a bit...

01a by xistenceimaginations
First some more details (using a auto filling lasso tool)...

01b by xistenceimaginations
Adding some 'fog' to create more depth (by adding gradient)...

01c by xistenceimaginations
Then some clouds as the sky looked so empty...

01d by xistenceimaginations
Afterwards adding some more details for all the 'rock'-stuff...

01e by xistenceimaginations
Then, as those strange objects should be kind of portals, i 'negate' them (black becomes white) plus adding some glow to them...

Portals by xistenceimaginations
And finally adding some colors and effects, thats it!

So my program seems to be on a good track although there is still more to do, so stay tuned for more infos about it!
(Update 1, added 24.07.2016)
(Update 2, added 25.07.2016)
(Update 3, added 26.07.2016)
(Update 4, added 04.08.2016)
(Update 5, added 17.08.2016)

Not many of you might know that i'm a full time developer (although you'll find this little piece of info on my profile). Anyway, as a developer i'm... well... developing programs, and if not as job i do this for fun or to make some stuff a bit more efficient for me and my work.

The newest creation is called 'xInspire', a little program that should give me random input so i can create new ideas for images and what not. This program is far beyond from being finished, but at least i want to share some impressions.

Some facts upfront about this application:
- It is based on Java
- It is using several frameworks build/programmed by myself
- It has a unique and consistent UI/look and feel also created/designed by myself
- It should be very sleak and clean
- The 'x' in the name is typical for me, it is my branding and i name all my applications this way

Current features implemented are:
- Having a responsive canvas and the option to select different aspect ratios for the canvas
- Having brushes to draw shape, either strictly build or randomly
- Having generators to draw a complex scene
- Option to regenerate/rebuild/newly random-generated single objects
- Selecting/moving elements
- Deleting elements or complete branches
- Export the canvas as image (PNG, JPG)
- Colorwheel for easy color editing/selecting
- Settings-panel to configure shapes, generators, etc.
- Effects that can be applied to layers/shapes


So here are some screens:

xInsipre a 01 by xistenceimaginations
The UI itself, some words to explain:
- Topleft icon is used to export the image created in this app, for now in the format PNG and JPG
- Topright icon (black dot) is the color selector
- Beside of the color selector is the selection for the brush
- Beside of that is the brush configuration
- Bottomleft icon is used to select a canvas aspect ratio like 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc.
- Bottomcenter icon is used to create a random scene
- Bottomright icon will give some global configuration options.
To the right there is the tree showing the scene in form of layers and content on/in these layers

xInsipre a 02 by xistenceimaginations
This shows a bit more of the UI, like the menu for configure a brush/generator

xInsipre a 03 by xistenceimaginations
Another UI example, here you can see a random generated 'mountain scene' and the export menu.


The following images are some example outputs made with the current version. Just to remember: this shouldn't be a complex drawing program, so the result shouldn't also not be detailed etc. This is the reason why elements will look edge and are vector based. The results should inspire, nothing more.

2016-07-21 12-23-10 by xistenceimaginations  2016-07-21 12-23-19 by xistenceimaginations  2016-07-21 12-24-54 by xistenceimaginations  2016-07-21 12-27-43 by xistenceimaginations


xInsipre b 01 by xistenceimaginations
A few things were changed: i removed the bottom center button for generating a random scene for now. The logic for now will be: you select a shape-brush and a generator, both will create some scene content. That way you can control this much more. The generator and the shape-brush menu can be found in the upper-right corner of the canvas view.
I also extended the control panel on the left: there is a menu bar now where you can add layers (folders), delete a selected item or adding effects to a shape/layer (if added to a layer the effect will be applied to the layer and all its childs, either layers or shapes). At the bottom of the control panel there will be a settings-panel, as soon you selected something in the tree above all possible settings configurable will be shown here. It will show all settings for the current selected item but also of it parent and parent-parent (and so on)

xInsipre b 02 by xistenceimaginations
I also added a self created color wheel. Here you can select a color by pointing at it, but with the four icons around you can alter also the alpha, brightness, saturation and hue (by just clicking on the icon and then dragging the mouse).

xInsipre b 03 by xistenceimaginations
This shows the updated menu panel (here for generators). I created/changed it in this way that by left-clicking you get this menu and...

xInsipre b 04 by xistenceimaginations
... by right-clicking you get the configuration for the select menu entry. This configuration is used when creating a new shape or generator and will be independent from the configuration of a created shape (that configuration will be cloned from this one, so each shape can be altered individually).

xInsipre b 05 by xistenceimaginations
This shows all a bit together: the scene, generated, organized into different layers, all settings available for the selected item and the scene. Also added is a highlighting for shapes which is pixel accurate (so not by bounding box of the shape or similar). You can also show/hide layers and all of its content and sub content.

xInsipre b 06 by xistenceimaginations
This shows a scene how it could be with editing stuff here and there.


2016-07-24 09-01-20 by xistenceimaginations

To be continued...


An example quickpaint using the tool:  Portals by xistenceimaginations


This new feature was a bit tricky but in the end i made it. This is a 'panning'-feature, means in more complex scenes you can drag the scene and as you use several layers those will be shifted against each other like in a parallax-effect. This allows to 'rearrange the scene a bit and/or to alter the 'view' in a natural way. Best way to show is with an example: Pan Feature by xistenceimaginations

Still you can drag and drop each element in each layer as well!


Screen04 by xistenceimaginations
- The format for images are now more scalable, before i defined specific sizes in pixel, now i define the aspect ratio and you can define a 'scale' value, so the exported image can have different size without any loss of precision of the rendered content
- I furthermore added a button to flip width/height of the document so you can turn a 'landscaped' image into a 'portraited' one and vice versa.

Screen02 by xistenceimaginations
- I reworked the random creation for scene. Now things are a bit more detailed and showing a better structure

Screen01 by xistenceimaginations
- I added a color scheme concept. This scheme will calculated a range of colors based on a background and foreground color. The scheme also contains a 'focus' color, so for 'objects of interests' to highlight them a bit. Furthermore the scheme contains an global alpha value for all rendered elements (an alpha < 1.0 would create more details as the objects are shown 'overlayed') and there is a 'dayTime'-value. This defines if the background is dark while the foreground should be bright and vice versa. As i alter the brightness of the chosen colors the colors themself will stay as they are.

Screen05 by xistenceimaginations
- There is also a switch now so that everything while be rendered grayscaled

Here is bunch of generated thumbnails using all of these new features:
xInspire: Test Thumbnails 1 by xistenceimaginations


It's ben a while and i wasn't at least not that lazy and i changed a bit the way how scene are generated. Before they were generated just randomly, but to give some control about it i had to implement this:
Screen by xistenceimaginations
What do we see here? This is a kind of 'desktop' where you can place freely different 'components', which can be layers, layouts, generators or forms. Each type (or 'class') of component can define in- and output ports which can be linked together. This way you can create an intresting structure for generating a real complex scene. To support even large 'construction' you can zoom in and out the desktop. It is very easy to link, unlink and to configure each component. This structure here can lead to a random scene like this one:
2016-08-17 15-55-44 by xistenceimaginations

I further more added gradient shading which gives in a nice kind of fog/depth effect, see here:
2016-08-04 13-22-45 by xistenceimaginations  2016-08-04 13-41-50 by xistenceimaginations  2016-08-04 16-25-46 by xistenceimaginations  2016-08-04 16-28-02 by xistenceimaginations  2016-08-04 16-30-04 by xistenceimaginations

Hi everyone, this time it is a making of a quickpaint/sketch, the time i spent into it was about 45 minutes.

I'll try to show all the steps and give some additional information about the process. If you have any question of need some more precise information, you're always welcome to ask :)

Pillar1 by xistenceimaginations
1) Lets get started: first of all the idea. I wanted to create something with a unusual view angle, that way i also use this to place the two main focus elements in specific places. It is a specific symmetry based on the 'golden ratio'-principle.

Pillar2 by xistenceimaginations
2) Bringing in the values. This is the first step to create some depth in this image. The elements in the foreground should be nearer to the viewer while light elements are farer away. The values also give the different elements in this image their own definition so that you're able to understand where something starts and where it ends.

Pillar3 by xistenceimaginations
3) Now some shading. Values alone can already create some base for the light/shadow rendering of an image, but i want it a bit more refined because it gives the image: more details, texture, more depth, lights and shadow.

Pillar4 by xistenceimaginations
4) Some effects. I added some fog and some glow effects into the image. The fog can help to decrease the 'presence' of some parts of the image as it reduces the intensity of contrast and/or brightness.

Pillar5 by xistenceimaginations
5) Colorizing the image. To bring in some drama i added some colors. I wanted to play around with a contrast about the color: some warm colors against cold colors, so red versus blue. A good way to colorize an sketch afterwards is to set the layer(s) containing the line art and/or values to a 'Multiply'-Mixmode and to put a new layer under them where this new layer will contain only the colors.

Pillar by xistenceimaginations
6) Some final touch, so i added some blur effects for brighter spots and/or lights themself (using a layer set to 'Add'-Mixmode and an airbrush as brush). At this point i'm fine with it, at least i wanted to do a quickpaint and so not to spent too much time so this image is done.

I hope you like it and maybe it was able to give you some input or inspiration :)
Hey everyone, time for a new 'making of', this time: 'Versus'

In this project i want to create an illustration for an 'epic' fight, one versus one. The setting will be in a scifi section and the fight should be reflected in the environment as both characters are using weapons that could cut through everything (kind of plasma, ultrasonic or even a sort of mono-molecule edges, i didn't decided so far), so there might be cutted walls and parts everywhere. Both characters could be kind of high-tech-ninjas, assassins or similar, this is also subject to change for now. Let's see what will be the outcome in the end :). I hope you'll have as much fun as i'll have creating this.

Versus (work in progress: line art) by xistenceimaginations
1. Ok, lets start with a raw sketch for the scene itself and the first things about the composition. I want to have this working with a different angle, so that both charaters appear to be standing above you, showing that they're somehow 'uber' :) Also it put in some background characters fleeing from this event to show that something 'heavy' happens here. For the architecture i didn't put any thoughts onto it so far as this will be background. But the idea is to have some bulky, large scaled enviroment, where the viewer can decide for him-/herself where this is (a city, kind of abstract scifi environment, a station, etc.).

Versus (work in progress: values) by xistenceimaginations
2. Now the values: the both characters should 'pop' out a bit, so i make the contrast a bit more 'heavy' then for the fleeing characters. With the light/rays coming from above i want to pull the focus on the fight itself, but i'll might change it a bit as the shadows and the light rays are not absolutely in synch (just saw it when i was writing this text ^^).

Versus (work in progress: colors) by xistenceimaginations
3. Time to bring in some colors. For the moment i just play around with the colors and setting, maybe i change them completely in the final step. While the environment should be set in one color scheme i want to have the characters their own. As one is the 'bad' and the other the 'good' guy both will have the respective colors. This is just a very rough setting for the colors. I desaturated the colors at the edge to create a focus more to the center of the image.

Versus (work in progress: details A) by xistenceimaginations
4. Details. Now i start to bring in some unique styling for both. The 'bad' guy will have a specific armor where parts of it are kept in place by something like magnetic fields or so, means those parts will hover around him with no real physical connections. Also he should have special blades: a handle in the center and two blades, one on each side of the handle. The blades themself should be some kind of plasma blade, able to melt through anything. The 'good' guy wil have his own design as well, with kind of generators on his back which will support him in his fight. His suit won't be that armored, instead he will have a high agility due to these supporting generators as his whole suit should be a kind of exo-suit. He won't have energy-based blades, instead more a specific material that cannot be melted down that easily.

Versus (work in progress: details B) by xistenceimaginations
5. More details. First i played around with the color settings of the environment. Secondly i started adding things in the background that should show the outcome of this battle, objects are cutted or destroyed, cuts of the energy blade of the 'bad' one might be visible here and there. Also some details like signs and more from shops, etc. - this should be a kind of city where both having their fight. I also continued to work on the suits of both, to bring in some effects, but here i still testing out some stuff.

To be continued...
I decided to give ArtStation  a try, so for anyone who is intrested in following me there:…


Another 'making of', this time: 'Buried God'

'In the ancient times, when Titans roaming the world, humans where nothing more then mere insects for these godlike creatures. They had to work like slaves for the Titans and punishment was their daily experiences. It was at least one man who brought all together to bring down the Titans by finally strike down the Godfather of all Titans, Ma'al. After this final battle there were not many survivors from this: the remaining Titans, now without a leader and demoralized, decided to flee to the Inrin-Mountaines, a huge and vast area where no human would travel to these days; and the humans reclaimed their former homeland, trying to build up everything again.
After 1300 years this all sounds like a legend, and you could say it is just a story to scare the smallest, but the corpse of Ma'al is still there, rotten to its bones, and every year the humans are still celebrating the day when he was defeated. So it happens this year as well, but... there some rumors this time: they say there were strange happenings and signs coming from the Inrin-Mountains. Could be...? Could be that the surviving Titans are still there?'

This should be an artwork reflected the celebration the humans are having each year, so here we go:

Buried God-a by xistenceimaginations
1. The idea itself, so this is a quick sketch about the scene itself. The focus should be the head itself, so many elements in the picture are used to 'point' (like the lines of the mountins) to it or to 'frame' (like the chest bones) it.

Buried God-b by xistenceimaginations
2. Cleaning out the line art a it.

Buried God-c by xistenceimaginations
3. Starting to place some values. It should be a more darker and eerie scene, so i decided to have some lights coming from above like on a rainy day where there are some gaps in the clouds above you. Later the 'Head'-Focus should be increased by having a contrast set by the fireplace and the darkness of the skull itself.

Buried God-d by xistenceimaginations
4. I brought in the colors here and already added some details. At some point i realized that i wasn't really fine with the skull, ribs and stuff, so i decided to use a 3D-Model as reference and to rework this a bit.

Buried God-e by xistenceimaginations
5. After the rework this looks a bit better (still i'll need to take a direct reference for the head skull and ribs itself, but i didn't had the chance at the morning ^^).

Buried God-f by xistenceimaginations
6. Time for a check of the values, because as soon you start with colors, the dealing with the values is a bit more tricky. To check this i just create a layer containing a gray-scale-filter, that way i can turn on/off the layer at every time to see how it is going.

Buried God-g by xistenceimaginations
7. Now i wanted to check my focal point (the skull), for this i create another layer where i apply a brightness/contrast filter, where brightness is nearly 0 and contrast extremly high. This way i can see that the sunlight as the ribs are a bit to bright taking too much away from the viewers eye.

Buried God-h by xistenceimaginations
8. To compensate this i added a layer over my painting and placing a gradient (black to 0-alpha) in it. Then...

Buried God-i by xistenceimaginations
9. ... i set the mode of this layer to 'Overlay'. This mode is more working for the something like 'Darken', 'Multiply', etc. as 'Overlay' is not placing the black as color over it (the colors would be then a bit desaturated and gray-ish), instead it is increasing the contrast and saturation and darken/highlighting things at the same time (darken if there is black, or highlighting if it is white).

Buried God-j by xistenceimaginations
10. Time for another check. Ok, now things are not that present as before (still there are present at all). I'm not going to change this much more, otherwise things would start to look weird and way to unnatural IMO.

Buried God-k by xistenceimaginations
11. Now with this a base i'll start to work out the details and later adding a fireplace and some pps (to reflect the celebration that is going on, as described in the story above).

12. Just started with the details. I came to the point that i didn't really like the head skull and chest bones so i used some references to redraw them. I also changes/refined the background with some more details as well. 

13. I just finished the ribs of the chest and the backbone also cleaned out some stuff a bit. I also reduced the sun glow coming for the top-right as it was a bit to strong. The next step will be finishing the arms and the hand being visible.

Buried God-l by xistenceimaginations
14. Here i finished the arm bones and stuff.

Buried God-m by xistenceimaginations
15. To stick a bit to the story i decided to place a hint about 'some stange signs from the Inrin-Mountains', so i added some lightning coming coming in the distance.

Buried God-n by xistenceimaginations
16. As next i set up fireplaces to reflect the celebration that should happen around the corpse of this titans. I also use the main fireplace to lit a bit the head skull.

Buried God-o by xistenceimaginations
17. Then i add some flags, signs and stuff plus a few people around the fire places. I don't try to be exact and precise as this should not be any focus element, just decoration.

Buried God-p by xistenceimaginations
18. To 'throw in' some more dramatic stuff, i work out the guy in front running to the fireplaces and shouting while also showing at the mountains that something is going on there. This is the last step, afterwards i just added some overall effects and stuff.

Final artwork
Buried God by xistenceimaginations
So this is it, the final piece. Hope you liked this 'making of' and maybe it gave you some ideas, clues, inspirations or whatever. Comments are welcome and if you have any question, fell free to ask :)
Art is not only creating it, it is also enjoying. And you can only advance in art (and being able to maybe inspire others) if you able to enjoy and get inspired by art. So i think it could be nice to put a spotlight on some i'm watching as i really dig their art and love their style, but also as i think it is waste that these artists don't have a about a million watchers ;) . So be inspired and enjoy the art in the same way as i do :)

:iconbethaleil: Bethaleil 

Her art is a very intresting mixture between somehow dark/fantasy and i think she has a real intresting style, and you can see that her imaginations has no bounderies. Her eye for the figure poses and proportion is awesome and it looks like she has not to spend any effort to creating these artworks (although i know that this is not the truth). Here are some examples:

worldheart demon by Bethaleil practice by Bethaleil duality part 2 by Bethaleil Ri'Saruul by Bethaleil

I'm sure you agree to me that she did some astonishing pieces of art, and you should definitely look around in her gallery to see more of this stuff. Besides: she also do some writing, so even for those peoples, enjoying reading, there might be something to find!

So, well done Bethaleil! And keep going, we want to see more :)
The next 'making of', this time: 'The Reader'.

What's the deal here? I wanted to created something more abstract, kind of fantasy kind of... i don't know... different, for myself. Also each image is an exploration for yourself and your skills, testing out where you are and where you could go. So let's see where this will lead us :)

1. The idea: an apprentice of some kind of magician school has to solve a test. The test is to go into a well known kind of tomb, with large halls and strange structures. Inside of this tomb there are a kind of creatures which i want to be a bit more strange. Not really scary like demons, monsters, etc. Instead more abstract like a 'Slenderman' or something. The task for the apprentice will be to 'charm' these creatures by reading some scripts out of his spellbooks.
This is the very rough and quick sketch. I mostly jumped over duing some kind of pencil sketch, instead directly doodling around with the colors i want to use.

2. Cleaning out some stuff to work out the designs of the creatures and the environment and lights. The depth is missing a bit, but only because i'll take care about when working more on the details (the following step). Things look a bit clean right now as there aren't much textures (also coming with the next step).

3. Working out the details for the characters and environment. I also worked on the shadows as there are several light sources in this picture. In the last step following i'll add some more elements like subtile appreance of these creatures in the background and some more textures as everything is a bit flat for now. Also the 'Reader' himself is not finished by now.

The Reader by xistenceimaginations
4. Finalization: I added details to the columns and also added some more depth for the hall itself. I also put in some more of these 'golems' creeping in the background. And i reduced some of the saturation as i wanted to go a bit more with the contrast.
I decided to show some steps when creating my artworks so that it might help to see how i do some stuff. In case of questions feel free to ask.

So here is the first 'making of':


1. First thing is to sketch down the idea, so some basic line art. Here i wanted to do something that should be kind of abstract fantasy, so an alien-like planet but not with a huge kind of technology. I also wanted to draw something where i could do line art with a kind of 'swing', long curved lines and strokes. The story itself should be simple, a trader is on his way with his dinosaur-like pet, carrying his stuff, to an outpost where he can trade his stuff.

2. The next step is to setup the values, so i get the feeling about the depth of this artwork and also to already put in some rough information about the light source. Later i'm going to increase the contrast for the trader as for the tradepost as these two elements should be the main focus points here. The main light source should be a sun high up in the sky somewhere neat the tradepost, so the light will come down from the upper left side.

3. We're getting a bit more serious now by setting up the color set. Important for me here is that i want to keep the focus on the tower-structure on the left and the figure on the right as these should be my main focus points in this image. Later the saturation of the colors will be increased a bit, for now it is to get a overall impression if this is the right direction i want to go. In the next following step i'm going to work out the colors and details (so textures and stuff), this will be the final step.

4. Now i'm working on the details, cleaning out stuff and bringing in some more textures. This will be the last step in between before this artwork will be finalized.

Tradepost by xistenceimaginations
5. Final art. This took me quite a while as i didn't wanted to create a quickpaint, instead to spend more time on details and stuff. At least it was an instresting experience as i tried out some new ways and techniques how to do some stuff, also bringing together some techniques i used separatly before. In the end i realized some weak spots but also some strong points in the way i do some stuff.

Hope you have at least half the fun i had drawing this piece of art.
Story telling is essential to any image as are colors, values or composition. As this is also something that anyone (also me) has to practice in order to create more depth in his/her art, i decided to have a look back in some of my images and adding some 'story telling' aspect in their descriptions. Feel free to tell me what you think, or if you like it, maybe you have an idea of your own for an image. I definitely would like to know what kind of imaginations you get by these pictures.

Artworks with existing/updated descriptions:
Cartograph by xistenceimaginations  Hive by xistenceimaginations  A Bid To A God by xistenceimaginations  The Reader by xistenceimaginations  Fortress by xistenceimaginations  Tradepost by xistenceimaginations  You Should Not Be Here by xistenceimaginations  Hunting by xistenceimaginations  The Walk by xistenceimaginations  Shadow by xistenceimaginations  Terra Formers by xistenceimaginations  A Long Path To Go by xistenceimaginations  Procession by xistenceimaginations  Stone of the Ancients (updated) by xistenceimaginations  Hurry by xistenceimaginations  Urgent transport by xistenceimaginations  Crash site by xistenceimaginations  Survival by xistenceimaginations <da:thumb id="577939553"/>
As i try to get myself into concept art and stuff i decided to try out some character development. Here i trying out a different drawing technique and also some aspects about details of characters. I will update this journal to show the progress on this little project, any critiques or questions are welcome.

This is 'Shadow'. He will be an assasin in an not further specified world (but this might come later maybe). As he might be an assasin he should still be a more 'good' one as he'll be hired to assasinate some bad guys.

Step one: sketching the character and setting up an environment that should just act as 'showroom', the focus should be totally on the character itself

Step two: i started to work on the details. Here i am not working with any 'plan', i just decided some of the details while i was drawing them. I also changed the contrast and saturation as i felt the image was a bit flat and the details were a bit lost.

Step three: I added some detail to 'Shadow', here a kind of shoulder flag. Together with his helmet his look will go into the direction of a knight, giving him a more noble design. Using the crossed swords/katanas in his back still gives also the look being more like an assasin. I also improved details on his breast plate.

Step four: Mostly i'm working on details for now, so i decided to change the roundish look of the shoulder and leg plates to match more the edgy look of the breast plate. Still to do: swords, lower arm & leg plates. I will also add some kind of ornaments (as it can be found (very rough) already on the helmet and the upper leg plates).

Final step: I finalized this piece of artwork as i finished some designs (foot & arm plates) and by adding some background that should reflect a bit the world where this characters lives.
Shadow by xistenceimaginations

Conclusion & self criticism:
This was my first, serious try to do a character design, so i'm fine with the result but i also found my weakness in a lot of points in stuff like this, so a lot more to learn :), but it was a good start. Basically i think i concentrated too much on some details and get myself lost in there and also the composition didn't turned out in the right way i wanted it too have, but my target was to do this stuff in a specific amount of time (max. 5-6 hours). But overall a good begin.