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Awesome art, very inspiring!
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RedSpotSylphina|Professional Digital Artist
Well done :)
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ItinerantDjuradhan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not just looking at this picture. I'm hearing and feeling it. I hear a far-off, distant rumble, most likely of some massive air conditioning system, leaving a clinical chill in the air as I survey the prostrate occupant of this strange, man-made womb. The faintest sound reaches my ears, barely audible above the humming in the walls, a sound that comes from the android itself. A gentle, rhythmic tittering, varying widely in pitch, almost melodic, occasionally broken up by the intrusion of a high and keening hiss, most likely a miniscule electric servo rotating some memory disk. To the casual observer, these sounds mean nothing, not even worth acknowledging, just something to talk over the top of. But I know better. That is the sound of a mind at work. It is watching me. Watching and learning. Every twitch and gesture, every shuffle and adjustment of posture it documents, gulping data into empty, infantile circuits. It is not ready yet. But soon.

Soon it will truly live.

Well drawn, and well done.
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EdwardX1|Student Traditional Artist
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This looks incredible! The somber atmosphere is so good too!
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