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Outpost (WIP)

Some rough quick paint for a simple idea of an outpost with a docking freighter.

Some more stuff:

Quest by xistenceimaginations Stranded by xistenceimaginations Kenauer: Ritual by xistenceimaginations Escape by xistenceimaginations Fire by xistenceimaginations Territory by xistenceimaginations
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Your work is amazing. I love the way you manage to suggest a lot of detail using only a few brush strokes (the blue lights). I'd love to critique this piece or any other, but I don't know what to say, except that it's always very imaginative and painted with beautiful colours.
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Thanks a lot for your kind words. And about critiques: any is welcome as long if being constructive, it doesn't matter if you can provide deep technical details or not. Even a hint about that you like or dislike something in an image (even if you can't describe why) or have a feeling that it might look like 'displaced' or 'strange' is already enough. Critiques can help an artist to see his own work with different eyes. So feel free to give any critique you can, if you just like it then it is great, job done ;)
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OK, I'll try to review some of your other pieces, then! For me too, it's interesting to look at someone else's art and think further than "I like it". Understanding what I like in your work, or in any other artist's creation, gives me a better idea of what I'd like to paint, or the way I'd like to paint it :-)
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Any comment or critique is appreciated :)