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A quick doodle i did this morning (~45 min), had no idea what to paint so i just started something.

Some more stuff:

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Nice! I imagine you did this in one layer and painted using black transparency values given how fast you had to do it. Am I right?
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Yes. I try to stick to one layer the most of the time, only in a few situations (trying something out in the composition) i open up a new layer temporarly. I'm not only working with black as value, i use in totel 5 different gray-values (white to something not total black (15%)) and the rest is done by the brush and the pen pressure at least which is dealing with opacity and density (based on the brush).
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Interesting. I use only black. Already sounds like a bad idea because it's hard to control the opacity. I've tried white before, but I'm not so sure how to do it right the first time.
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I handle the opacity and density of the brush via pen pressure, the main color values are there to already separate the elements in raw 'layers of depth'. But for this you need to draw with a hardware that supports something like pen pressure (but i guess most graphic tablets these days should do) and you need to handle brush settings in your choice of drawing application.
You can also create great depth values with a less amount of base colors, but then you would need to concentrate even more on your sensitivity of pressure control, with something like 5 base colors you can really doodle quickly (at least it works for me). So that way i don't have to concentrate on the way how i use my tools. instead i can concentrate on the image and drawing. If possible the tools should be irrelevant, because you are painting the image, not the tools, right?
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True. Very true. :thumbsup: