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Another black-and-white work. :) A Tyrannosaurus rex specimen RGM.792000, nicknamed "Trix", walks in his possessions.

Trix was unearthed in Montana in 2013 by the team of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden, the Netherlands), with the support of the Black Hills Institute, fossil hunter K. Phipps, a couple of amateur paleontologists Lunstands, and farmer Lige Murray, on whose land the bones were found. The skeleton is well preserved, with about half of the bones found, including most of the skull. Especially noteworthy is the presence of the nasal turbinal, which is very rarely preserved. As with Sue, there was a legal battle over the ownership of the specimen. The nickname was given in honor of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (the gender of the specimen is unknown).

Trix was an old specimen: X-ray microtomography showed that this specimen was older than Sue. The Black Hills Institute team identified Trix as a female, classifying her as a robust morph. However, this division is disputed by many paleontologists, so the gender of Trix remains unknown. Like other adult T. rex, RGM.792000 carries multiple pathologies, including an infected right maxilla, trichomoniasis (possibly along with tooth marks), broken ribs and a deformed neural process of the caudal vertebra.

In this work, I decided to make a more complete background. The flora here is typical of the Late Cretaceous. In the foreground we see a Metasequoia, in the background another one (or rather, two, one on the right looks out), as well as angiosperms in the form of shrubs and trees. Of the tyrannosaur-like fauna, there are enantiornithes in flight and a lizard looking at a dinosaur. It was quite interesting to work on this, although the bark of the metasequoia was difficult to get used to. Let's hope that inspiration for working with the background will visit me more often)

Reference: reconstruction of a skeleton from paper by Van Bijlert et al. 2021 (…), where the walking speed of T. rex was estimated.

Black ballpoint pen and black colored pencil, 2021.
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Silly rex, Trix are for kids!

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