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Stokesosaurus clevelandi



Reconstruction of early tyrannosauroid Stokesosaurus clevelandi from the late Jurassic of Utah.

This view is based on the skeletal reconstruction by Scott Hartman, hence the characteristic form of the muzzle: scotthartman.deviantart.com/ar… According to the cladogram from Loewen et al, 2013, Stokesosaurus belongs to the Proceratosauridae clade, representatives of which are characterized by different types of cranial ornaments, including developed crests. Therefore, the presence of growth along the nasal bones does not look unnatural. However, there is another point of view: analysis of 2016 showed that Stokesosaurus is more developed than proceratosaurids. In any case, cranial material relating to this particular taxon is represented by the right premaxilla.

I note some more speculative details of this work: a hard bristles behind the crest and long protofeathers on the torso, completely hiding the shoulders, while the forearms are devoid of filaments and covered with reticula (protofeathers that modified in the likeness of scales).

Black ink pen, 2018.
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Can you send me a link on that stuff,