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Sleeping Preondactylus

By Xiphactinus
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A new work, which I drew simultaneously with the Zalmoxes family. It is a sleeping early pterosaur Preondactylus buffarinii from the late Triassic of Italy.

Preondactylus is known from two specimens. The holotype, an almost complete skeleton, was preserved on limestone and was accidentally washed away during cleaning. From it there were only impressions from which it was possible to make casts. The second specimen is represented by a partial skull without a jaw. A pile of bones regurgitated by a predatory fish has also been attributed to Preondactylus, but this identification is doubtful, and it is possible that the fish dinner was not a pterosaur at all.

Preondactylus is considered one of the most basal pterosaurs, although it was originally placed in the Rhamphorhynchidae family. The skull is quite large, with teeth of various sizes, although unlike the teeth of such forms as Eudimorphodon and Caviramus, they were not multi-cusped. Like the later Dimorphodon, Preondactylus had long legs and relatively short wings, but judging by its more developed flying muscles, it flew better. Probably, Preondactylus ate fish or insects without too hard covers, since its teeth were not used for crushing. It could catch prey both in the air and on the ground and trees.

This Preondactylus is sleeping on a rock. Initially, I wanted to draw it on a tree, but in the process of creating it, I changed my decision. In this monochrome work, I decided to give pattern to pterosaur's pycnofibres, as well as color the rock and add guano drips to it for a more realistic look. :D In general, the work turned out well, and I hope that pterosaurs will often "fly" into my gallery. :)

Black ballpoint pens, black and gray colored pencils and gouache, 2020.
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Not enough of art of sleeping pterosaurs.

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Catching some Zs