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Siats meekerorum - the tyrant of tyrants.



Reconstruction of megaraptoran Siats meekerorum from the Cenomanian of Cedar Mountain Formation (Utah). This very large theropod (estimated length of occurrence that has not reached maturity is estimated at 11.9, and the mass is 4 tons) was the last carnosaur from North America. Then it was replaced by tyrannosaurs.

The second attempt in a new style. :) (Smile)  Protofeather-quill-scaled covers, as and proportions are speculative, since the only specimen was fragmented, with cranial material is unknown.
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I must say that the theory that this animal was responsible for keeping T.rex small is a lie. Because the tyrannosaurus were already in the process of ascending their evolution when all the North American carcharodontosaurs were extinct or it was not a fast process, something was killing the American carcharodontosaurs, there is an extreme possibility that the ancestors of the t.rex were related to this mass extinction of carcharodontosaurs that was during the Cretaceous, before T. Rex appeared.