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Paleostream drawings 27.06.2020

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Yesterday I completed works from the 27th June's paleostream. We have passed a vote on the format of the stream, which was won by the option "two sketches for forty minutes". Of course, I didn't have time to finish my work, I could only make sketches. Well... At least I could draw more calmly. :D Now I've finished them.

The first was the abelisaurid Scorpiovenator bustingorryi, a contemporary of the carcharodontosaurid Mapusaurus and the titanosaur Argentinosaurus from the Huincul formation (Patagonia). It is described from a good skeleton, in which only part of the legs and most of the tail are missing. This abelisaurid is interesting in the extremely rugose area around the eye socket. Most recently, a publication about the nutrient holes on the top of the snout of this dinosaur was published. They were arranged in two rows, like the related Rugops primus. Presumably, this was the basis for some kind of soft structure/structures at the top of the head, although a thermoregulatory function is also not excluded. I drew a pair of rooster-like combs.

The second is Prodeinotherium bavaricum, a proboscidean from the Deinotheriidae family. The species of this genus were originally considered to belong to the genus Deinotherium: both genera had distinctive tusks on the lower jaw, but Prodeinotherium were slightly smaller in size, the size of an Indian elephant. Prodeinotherium lived in the Eurasia of Africa in the early-middle Miocene, it predated Deinotherium itself. Like related species, it fed primarily on soft vegetation, and tusks were most likely for stripping the bark.
I want to note that this is another mammal in my performance and the first proboscidean. :) I was very interested in drawing it, especially the wrinkled texture of the skin. It was definitely a good experience.

Blue ballpoint pens, 2020.
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Wow this is amazing! :D Beautiful Penwork!! :D