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Well, i finally finished my project for school, thank god it didn't ended like all my project usually do, like WIPs :D
So here it is, The Ghost(4) :P
I guess it's a fan made video for NIN…
  • Listening to: NIN...dah
  • Reading: NOTHING! ^^
  • Watching: IT Crowd
  • Playing: Transformers:War for Cybetron
  • Eating: graF
  • Drinking: Something sparkling
  • Listening to: NIN
  • Reading: Weaveworld
  • Watching: stupid hummiez
  • Playing: Guilty Gear ggx online...
  • Eating: very fast food
  • Drinking: water
So its complete,with no explanation...
Its a bit personal :P so  i hope u won't hate it :D

The Project
  • Listening to: Immediate music
  • Reading: always
  • Watching: nothing...
  • Playing: Half Life 2-episode two
  • Eating: biscuits and eurocrem
  • Drinking: Pepsi
YO yo yo!!!First time

1000 views :D :D and just got myself a Pc tablet :D :D
Very happy,very active,very horny :D ...
A reason for buying you all a virtual beer (wheres the @#$% smiley?!) :D
Tnx all for the views and the favs,and for being deviant friends.
Cya all.
  • Listening to: My self typing
  • Reading: My self typings
  • Watching: My monitor
  • Playing: A lot
  • Eating: No time for eat,to exited
  • Drinking: Water to prevend dehydration