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Lost Knight Style -FREE-

Free layer style!

Font Size: 250pt
Font Used: Horst Blackletter
Document Resolution: 150
Style Texture Size: 100%
© 2013 - 2021 XioxGraphix
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Fantastic ty :)

Stunning and very visual! Thanks.

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Thanks for downloading

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muchas gracias por compartirlo! 
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emeğine sağlik payalsim için tsk edrim harika
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Sorry  but can  i  have the  font that  you  used   for  preview. ? T6T
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The font is called Horst Blackletter. It's listed in the description :).
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just a quick question. how do the layer styles work? do i have to change it to overlay or something ?
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You shouldn't have to change anything, just double click on the style and then choose the layer you want to apply it to, click the layer style from the Styles Pallet and it should apply itself to the layer. 

Is it not working for you? 
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i just meant for multilayer ones because ive had ones before that ive had to change them to multiply or overlay or something to that effect i was just making sure before i went to use them ^-^

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Oh, well nope, all of my styles are made to look exactly like the previews with only one click! Unless I say otherwise in the description, for example the Elegant Gloss style in my gallery can have the full adjusted to get more of a glass effect. :)
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ok cool ^-^ awesome stuff by the way!
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