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Superman: Shirt Reveal (Earth 2)



I guess it would be "hooded sweatshirt reveal," but the shirt reveal is pretty much the iconic Superman moment, so I figured I'd describe it as such in the title. I had no idea he had the costume underneath his sweatshirt, and then boom: Superman!

Val-Zod needs to show up on Arrow or something asap. If you haven't read Earth 2 yet, do yourself a favor and go read #17-26 asap.

Art by Nicola and Trevor Scott. Placed Val-Zod over the sunset. Cranked the color, vibrancy and of course... added a lens flare (it's a sunrise after all!).
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Val-Zod is such an awesome character! I hope to see Warner Brothers doing something with him some

time soon in whatever kind of capacity! I have a black Super Hero who is an original Superman-like character who is the most powerful Super Hero in the world in my comic book universe and Val-Zod( along with Icon, President Calvin Ellis and Blue Marvel)is a huge influence and inspiration for the character!