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Burn The Past
Hold my hand and lead me through this,
Hold my heart and save me from the pain,
Hold my lungs and keep me from the toxicity,
Grab my bags and take me to that old street,
Grab all the candles and keep them lit all night,
Grab all the cd's and put them on repeat,
Grab some drinks and lets make a toast,
Grab that lighter and burn that past away.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
Open Coffins
I stand by your open coffin,
Peering in and seeing your facade,
Nightmares are only reserved for you,
As you lay there ignoring your pain,
Your eyes flicker and your mouth moves,
You still continue to play dead,
You still continue to be in misery,
How long will it take for that coffin to close?
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
Should I?
Should I go back?,
Should I stay ahead?
All I hear are your lies,
All I see are false promises,
Should I go back to you,
Should I go back to misery?
Our time lasted long enough.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
I Let Myself Down
I don't know I just wish I could you know pull the cord
so I can finally release myself from my internal prison
I'm getting high as we speak so I can finally understand
how it felt when you crushed my hopes and dreams
I beat myself up so I know how it feels to be
beaten physically and mentally after all you do it all the time
I beat on my drum set so I can silence out all the judgement
because you want to be stronger than your abusive father
I don't lose any battles in my mind because
at least in there my mind is my only friend
I always forget because blood is always in my face
from the numerous beatings you give me
I can't forget high school because that was the time
where you actually felt powerless and got bullied
Let me jump through the window.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 0 0
Come On And Use Me.
Use me, come on and use me,
I can't deal with the dreams anymore,
Use me, come on and use me,
I can't handle this relationship,
Use me, come on and use me,
Every night I stay up,
Every night I stay up,
I try to imagine this working out,
I try to see if you can look past it,
I can't deal with the dreams anymore,
You just laughed at me when I cried,
You just laughed at me when I cried,
I'll try my best to do my best,
But all I see is me hanging in a crowded room.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 0 0
Don't Forget
Some don't deserve forgiveness,
Some don't deserve pity,
Can I just put the gun to my head?
Obviously nothing is that easy,
Can I just erase all the bad things?
Obviously nothing goes away,
Was I created as a monster?
Or did I become one?
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
You Have A Choice
Can you help me?
I'm only drowning in the bottom of a well,
I'm only a broken little boy inside,
Can you yell at me?
I'm only a irreversible person,
I'm only guilty by association,
Can you look at me?
Because I sure can't.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 0 0
Way Too Many Questions
One question I have,
Where is Mom,
Why did she leave?,
I sleep outside my bed,
Another question I have,
Where is Dad,
Why did he leave?,
I drink alone,
One more question I have,
Where is my childhood?
Why didn't I get one?
Why can't I stop crying?
I live alone.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
Its Just A Monster
I want to make you suffer,
I want to make you shiver,
I want to make you scared,
After all I'm only a monster,
The monster you created,
I was always with you,
From our first Christmas,
To our last Halloween,
All you got to do is wake up.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 0 0
Wake Up
You hearing me?
please wake up, I can’t lose another friend.
you shouldn’t of drank that bottle of scotch.
you should of put on that seatbelt. Come on
wake the fuck up! I lost two friends already,
I’m not losing you..I promised your mother you
would come back. Why don’t you wake up?
I’ll stand by your side. Dude, tonight is prom.
We wouldn’t want you to stand up your date,
now would we? she really likes you. Your
truly a unforgettable dude. Can you just
wake up! please…you will be my best man,
you were my childhood best friend. So what
are you wearing for prom? are you going in a
pinstripe suit? are you rocking the addams
family? that was our favorite cartoon. Dude,
when you wake up, can we go around town
and play football? I want it to go back to
the way it was four years ago. I love you man.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 4 4
As Daylight falls,
While nights break,
I make myself shake,
I can't see a mirror,
I can't stay awake,
The images in my brain,
What colourful sights they make,
Unfortunately I can't live to see them take shape.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
Trace These Scars
Don't touch me,
You can't see the bruises,
You can't see the marks,
You're touching me,
Why can't you see
The virus inside of me.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
What Is Wrong?
I can't be yours,
I can't be a virus,
I can't be violated,
I feel damaged,
You caressed me
But I felt poison
With every touch.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 0 0
Can you hear my brain?
I act out every word I say,
I can't put words on paper,
I can't seem to be vain,
I can't drown the feelings,
Can you hear my heart?
I try to be everyone's friend,
I can't stop being manipulated,
I can't stop reliving broken dreams,
I can't stop laughing at myself,
Can you hear me?
Because I can't bear to do it.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 1 0
I can not recreate the pain
but I can recreate the bruises
just because you achieved success
does not mean I can't drag you down
because in the end you're just a scar
that is refusing to heal.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 2 0
I  will not kiss you
Because I never loved you
Remember when I told you
That I sold my clothes for you
So you could afford some meds
Because you were feeding your
Addiction and I didn't know you
When you were that person so
Next time I see you don't tell me
That you love me because you
Were the one that stabbed me
On My twenty third birthday.
:iconxinsidethehorizonx:xInsideTheHorizonx 2 0


A desolate forest... by thewolfcreek A desolate forest... :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 93 17 Same Old by Chobek Same Old :iconchobek:Chobek 134 14 Tory by chatte-bleu Tory :iconchatte-bleu:chatte-bleu 55 2 Cardinal Copia - Ghost by Sally-Jackson Cardinal Copia - Ghost :iconsally-jackson:Sally-Jackson 289 31 Blink-182 by Easy506Pir Blink-182 :iconeasy506pir:Easy506Pir 3 0
Why can't I move on?
I wish I could forget you.
Forget all the pain you put me through.
The sadness and anger will eventually fade away,
The memories however, will stay.
Once happy memories, time spent together.
Now tainted with the knowledge of you secret endeavor.
I want to move on,
I want these memories to be gone.
Did you ever really care for me?
You've always been a liar I see.
Maybe you should have stayed in jail,
At least that would have stopped your destructive trail.
Why do I keep going over the events that happened?
Were there any warning signs, how could I have called you a friend?
I always thought I could read people,
Yet fooling me was so simple.
All it took was a few sweet words,  
You won me over, caught in you fractured worlds.
I was so easy to play,
I trusted you, and for that, you made me pay.
Why does what happened still bother me?
From your manipulation I just want to be free.
Maybe because I had so much faith in you, and who you claimed to be.
I've never been hurt like that,I neve
:iconlunarwolf95:lunarwolf95 3 8
Tears by TheFearMaster Tears :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 438 15 Harley's Joker by Ladyghoul Harley's Joker :iconladyghoul:Ladyghoul 4 2
Weird Thing
Take me inside
My endless night
Take me apart,
Fuck my past
Show me
What hides
Into my heart
What are you
Night sky
Why do I find
A night sky
Into my room
Sucking light
Each and every
Single night
It tells me to come in
But I don't know how
What a weird thing I've found
It's sucking me up
It feels like black
The one kind
That doesn't feel so bad
Now of the past
I am no longer part
It is the night
Where I drown
It all started with a sound
What a weird thing I've found
:iconhalleyambers:HalleyAmbers 5 0
Roadtrippin' #21 El Arco, Mexico by Chris-Karbach Roadtrippin' #21 El Arco, Mexico :iconchris-karbach:Chris-Karbach 248 22 He Tasted of Cigarettes by Thrill-Pill He Tasted of Cigarettes :iconthrill-pill:Thrill-Pill 11 12 Tranquilize by silver-and-c0ld Tranquilize :iconsilver-and-c0ld:silver-and-c0ld 5 0 Aiden at Bamboozle by dededecomposing Aiden at Bamboozle :icondededecomposing:dededecomposing 14 2
I Won't Let You Sink
As you drown
Behind a veil
Of a contorted smile
I’ll be here while
The water pulls you in
I’ll be here when
There’s nothing but
A thought
And a lie
Your mind
Gave to you
Just to make you cry
I’ll be here for you when
Your bed becomes a watery grave
And your blankets turn to bricks
I’ll try my hardest to be your life vest
When the dam
Of unhappiness breaks
And damns
To a Hell of sorrow
I’ll be here
With cement and brick
I’ll build you a foundation
Of obsidian
Better yet
When the life preserver breaks
And leaves you with
But chunks of foam melting
Into your dark grey sea
I’ll jump in the water
With my fear of drowning behind me
And drag you to shore
If I was an anchor
I believe I would float
For you
If I was an anchor
That did indeed do as an anchor should
Then I would hold you
To the shore
So you wouldn’t worry
About being dragged under by the tide
:iconqueruloustaurus:QuerulousTaurus 6 2
I'm a Writer. by Arashdeep I'm a Writer. :iconarashdeep:Arashdeep 113 16 Alan Wake variant poster by billpyle Alan Wake variant poster :iconbillpyle:billpyle 100 1


:iconwrite2livecancerfree: :iconduelingartistsden: :iconlive-love-write: :iconpoetryparadise:



here you can buy some of my poetry, maybe make it a portrait or something.


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United States
I became a writer since I could walk and talk. Been writing poetry ever since I went into school, I suffered from a lot of abuse and bullying so writing helped me get out my anger and sadness. It has really been apparent in my development as a young man. So now I just come on here to write some poetry and maybe one day get them published.

R.I.P Mitch Lucker, your music is helping me during my difficult life and I want to thank you. I love you and miss you.

Favorite Quotes

'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read.''
-Mark Twain
''Don't tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish.''
-Mark Twain
''A day without laughter is a day wasted.''
-Charlie Chaplin
''A man's true character comes out when he's drunk.''
-Charlie Chaplin
''Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart''
-Washington Irving
''All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.''
-Edgar Allan Poe
''I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.''
-Edgar Allan Poe

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