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Hetalia Bookmarks

By XInorix
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Here are the final products of the bookmarks that I had made for Animethon. I gave each bookmark away as a gift for purchasing my doujinshi, or sold them individually.

I still have a number of them left over, if anyone would like to purchase one, or receive one free with a purchase of my doujinshi => [link]

Please follow this link if interested in purchasing => [link]

Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Last year, some of my friends went to Animethon and bought the doujinshi and it came with the HRExChibitalia bookmark. Thank you for making such cute items, and for being there!

And sorry I never bothered to thank you until now, it always seemed to slip my mind ^^;

Do you still have any bookmarks left? And are you gonna be at Animethon this year?
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No, thank you for your purchase and feed back! iIt's always great to get a response and I'm really glad you liked the doujinshi and the bookmark X3

I still have a lot of bookmarks left but I won't be at Animethon this year but if you're still interested in buying some bookmarks here is my online store: [link] I'm sorry I can't be there this year but it was really great to hear back from you :D
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omg so coool ...i want canada ^ -^
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I have plenty left if you're interested Tasha =D
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really!! i forgot what we were talking about i really got to check this more and thank you if you still have any left ^ - ^
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I have tons left so whenever you have a spare moment I can give it to you, or mail it to you lol
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You did it. XD After... so many months. They look cool.
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I laziness ftw! And thanks |3
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