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Comm - A Brit and A Jerry

Commission for a YouTube Twitch steamer :iconhelpinghans:
And a continuation from

Its early month of 2019, its gonna be busy :iconcraiplz:

GO to his channel -->…
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This is heartwarming :)

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this I like the only time where the Germans and the allies don't fight back in December even I do not like to what they have done over the year's this bring's a meaning to understanding without war this I approve  
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I felt cold looking at this! QwQ :clap:
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Awh thankss!

Sorry late reply though.. 
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Thanks again for another amazing piece!
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No problem M8!

Sorry late reply though.. 
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this looks so amazinggg <3 <3 i love ittt
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Thanks Guy!

Sorry late reply though.. 
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Plot twist: It's the same german from Commission 21/10/2017 by Xinom
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LoL Thtas was intentional by the commissioner

Sorry late reply though.. 
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I love all of this :D
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Even in the worst situations, companionship is not lost ...
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Medics, they are the guys you know you can rely on even if they are on the other side
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This reminded me of a story I read online, it goes like this:
During WWII an American Soldiers stepped on a land mine, and blew off his foot as that American's unit or what ever was approaching a German Line. The German forces watched this, and hearing him scream in pain the German Officer ordered his men to allow the Americans to collect their wounded comrade.... they never did. Fed up, that same German officer got out of his trench with the intention of retrieving the wounded American himself (you know, be a true gentlemen in time of war) though this was short lived before the German Officer stepped on a land mine.
amirrrrruuuddddddiin's avatar
In another story, Hurtgen Forest, German and American Medics worked side by side as they patched up the wounded. This came about due to how messy the lines were in that forest.
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There was another battle towards the end of the war (I forget its name) but German Soldiers, together with Americans Solders defended I believe an Austrian Castle from an SS attack, one of it the only time the German Army during WWII fought alongside American Troops.
amirrrrruuuddddddiin's avatar
I know that battle well, Battle of Castle Itter. Fun fact, there were French ex-presidents and a French Tennis Player in the castle.
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Yeah I heard that part. Ever heard of that one Scottish man who fought in WWII with a claymore (the sword) and a longbow? His last name was Churchill so when the Germans captured him they thought he was related to the UK Prime Minister.
amirrrrruuuddddddiin's avatar
Yes, Major John "Mad Jack" Churchill. The only one to have killed a man in WW2 with a longbow.
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Another fun fact I learned was that in a concentration Camp a German Guard fell in love with one of the Jewish prisoners and he saved her life on multiple occasions. After the war that same Jewish woman spoke on his behave during his war crime trials. Sadly I do not think they became a thing after the war though I may be wrong.
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