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Dreaming by daniSahne08, literature

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Make more sexy pic of Naruto

I am doing a Naruto Remake project (…). I am actually searching artists for two fights for Ino,  artists who accept open requests and/or collabs, and artists who made  linearts, digital arts, sketchs and/or doujinshi. It's a fan project, it's not a paid project but I created a donation pool especially for the artists who participate in this project.

Here is an overview of the project:…

Thank you.
sn't there a scene where Ino is grabbing both of her breasts and showing them off to Naruto or someone else?  Ino (or the character) had a big grin on her face and was talking about how much her body changed or developed.  Hell, she even bends over to give them a closer look.  I could have sworn it was Naruto manga or episode (probably a fan service one?), but I could be wrong.  It used to be a popular gif.  When I first saw it I laughed my ass off XD
it was an an episode, lee is talking about how he will defeat an opponent and ino says she will seduce him
Anyone want to join a Kiba and Ino contest?

Is this group still active?