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Dororo: He came back.

"What if Hyakkimaru never went to fight the yokai."

I enjoy the anime a lot. It is poetic, cruel but full of humanity. What is your favorite part in Dororo? (remember to mark spoilers if necessary. But I am up to date. lol;) (Wink)  )

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The coloring, the dynamic, the action in your works are stunning! :love:

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I actually love the original anime the most, I love the remake too but the original definitely hit me harder. I watched both back to back last week(first time for both) and I just love the first more. You can even consider both to be different shows with theme and tone. The original is a more dark fantasy drama and horror while the new one feels more action adventure drama, but I do love both. I wish I could find more fanart of the original show, I would love to see someone's interpretation of Dororo(1969) as an adult woman, and waiting for Hyakkimaru, and to be with him finally.

For the new show, I think my favorite parts would be adding in Dororo's back Map, the brother sharks side story, more Tahomaru, and seeing her older meeting Hyakkimaru. I feel the original did a better job with more of the main story elements, especially with Dororo's backstory(though it missed the map)

all n all I really hope we get a second season, some OVAs, or a movie for the remake continuing with older Dororo and Hyakkimaru
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True fan please take my knee~Clap 
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I think a part of me died along with Mio. ;-;
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I really love this anime, i like how it's interpreting the manga. 
My favorite part is watching Hyakkimaru's moral development. 

Great art!
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impressive work ! :clap:
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Try Reading Reincarnation no Kaben, pretty good stuff about people and their artificial talent pulled from their past lives. The diverse types of powers are so intriguing and the storyline is actually brilliant. 

Or try Usugoi if you actually want gore, it's about this eminent gambler that plays through death dungeons and games with his knowledge after disappearing for quite a long time. (The facial expressions are extremely amusing) 

I, myself is a personal fan of Dororo. I'd have to say that I love the angle of the clashing scene. The color scheme does portray a battlefield feeling, very well done. 
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Thank you Deicide. I will read it~
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Incredible drawing

[SPOILER, sort of. For the manga]

My favorite part has to be the bond between Dororo and Hyakkimaru. In addition, I read a bit of the manga and saw that Hyakkimaru's brother was actually supposed to die in their fight. Personally, I like the anime's change up a lot more.
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Yep, manga is too short.
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super approved, both your art and the awesome anime (lately it's had a unfortunate slip, but i have good expectations for the future :P).

Uhm just my curiosity... have you ever heard of a manga called "Witch Hat Atelier"?  i'm not even sure why but this piece gave me the same vibe its volume covers did xD
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I love Dororo all the same lol
Never heard of "Witch Hat Atelier", Do you recommend it? IS IT DAAAAARK?

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oh ehm actually not at all xD. It's uhm... it's optimistic without becoming sugarly, especially with the plot starting to grind up and delve into the bigger and more controversial points and mysteries. But aside that, the world building and the style is amazing, and the artistic style is really beautiful and elegant in every single panel. How to say, even if then it's not your cup of tea, i'd suggest giving a look at least just for curiosity and to enjoy a cool looking work :)
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Meow :3 It is beautiful! I will put it on my list!   
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I recommend Witch Hat Atelier too, it's gorgeous!

Amazingly dynamic drawing as always btw B-) (Cool) 
great drawing and skills
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This is sooo intense! I love it! The expressions,the messy hair, and the tattered clothing; it seems like this is a fight for survival. It's amazing you did this traditionally.
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The Final Product looks absolutely amazing nice work Xin!!! 
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