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Deserve This
Their words were like poison -
Killing her from the inside out.
Like tiny little teeth, eating her away -
Painful bite, by painful bite.
The heart remains.
Allowing her to feel.
The brain remains.
Allowing her to know.
Her tongue: Gone.
Her hands: Broken.
Her eyes: Removed.
Each means of communication stolen.
Ripped away -
'This is my punishment.
For being me.
The hardest decision was which would be last?
The heart?
The brain?
The Heart.
And she cried
from empty sockets.
'It's okay.
I deserve this.
:iconxindanobody:XindaNobody 1 6
Do You Notice?
Did you notice?
The way their face lit up?  Or, I suppose, on screen, you can still get the same vibe.  Certain way of talking, certain emoticons -- a certain feeling.
Did you notice?
The brief spark in the way they spoke and the skip in their step?  The way they couldn't stop their mouth from twitching into a smile despite how they felt prior to that moment?
Did you notice?
The way it faded and returned to what it was?  The smile gone, the darkness over them hit once again?  The body language shift, they're curled up (literally or otherwise)?  The shift in feeling?
Did you notice?
Did it matter?
There's no response, so there's no reason for them to share that way.  It comes and it goes and then it's gone.
The few moments that changes and they push away, because it can't be real, but with bait and the lure they become hooked.  They're sparked and lit an
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Eating Me Alive
Joined by bare hands and dirty nails,
sharp teeth tear into flesh.
Digging past skin and muscle
and breaking bone along the way.
Gutting me.
Tearing me apart.
Ripping me from the inside out
and leaving me a shell of blood and torn skin.
Brain shuts down: too much to handle.
Body spasms: can't take anymore.
Heart races and then begins to break.
There's only so much...
...a person can take.
:iconxindanobody:XindaNobody 1 0
You Lie(d)
Words have meaning.
How you say
What you say
What you mean
Want to mean?
Try (harder).
Listen (clearer).
Watch (carefully).
(Ask and make sure -
Ask and show interest).
Ugly Lies
Wrapped in Pretty Bows
Disguised for Trust
Fake Interest
Choking on words -
Desperate to be heard.
Last breath left -
Still unheard.
:iconxindanobody:XindaNobody 1 0
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A Heartless Nobody [ With Love ]
United States
So, I don't know how many of you are into cosplay, but I (personally) love it.  I've only dabbled in it in minor amounts (gave my hand at Misao from Kenshin and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho in the past -- also Sasuke/Sakura mix due to accidental makings from Naruto), but I would adore being more involved in it.

Well, Otaku House had a contest for cosplayers to join and Facebook users voted by 'liking' those individuals.

Now, they're all over the world, but the one I'm focusing on right now is the North American one.  There are a few cosplayers here that I've seen on DeviantART that I definitely think are worthy of winning -- one of them, unfortunately, didn't make it to the finalists, but others did.

Consider this my pimpage for some users - some I knew prior to this, some I did not!  Unfortunately, I don't have a paid account, so I cannot simply use thumbnails.  I will simply give you their user name and then a link to their page where you can vote (Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter are all methods you can use in order to vote (though, only one vote per ISP, I believe, counts) -- though you CAN vote on multiple cosplayers.  I know I did!  So without further waiting -->

:iconex-shadow: Vote/See Here - Once you see their work, you'll see why I'm putting them here.  I can't help but stare at their Jack cosplay, and their others as well.  Zack Faire?  Vash the Stampede -- yeah, THAT one.  C'mon.  Between him and his fiance, Malindachan, they have worked to create some excellent cosplays in every way possible.   Seriously, if nothing else, check out his work.

:iconlikovacs: Vote/See Here  - They may've been one of the very first cosplayers I became familiar with.  Seeing their Link -- which once you see who they are, I'm sure if you're familiar with cosplay you will recognize -- is unbelievable.  I especially love, like many of the cosplayers that have made it to the finalists, it's not just the costume, but the scenery as well that counts!  It's a package deal and I love it.

:icontechnoranma: Vote/See Here  - Are one of those cosplayers that I've seen around that tend to do Dragonball Z cosplays.  Yes, with that hair.  I admit a soft spot because they have done Vegita.  But they don't just stop there.  Remember Dende?  The green-one?  The Namekian?  Yeah.  Him.  This cosplayer does him, too.  All in green.  How can you NOT appreciate that!?  Oh.  And they did one of the most adorable Yuugi's I've ever seen.

:iconlinkinspirit: Vote/See Here  - Here's one I took notice of thanks to this competition.  They don't just cosplay as Link, but they have a horse to go along with their cosplay.  Their cosplay gallery is full of various individuals, but their Link one stands out.  And, again, like the others?  It's not just the cosplay, but also the entire environment.

:iconazureprops: Vote/See Here  - Is another one that this contest brought my attention to.  Once you see their vote page?  You'll see why.  You will have to go to ShinkaStudiosCosplay to actually see their cosplay works, of course.  But seriously.  Look at the finalist page.  They take cosplay to yet another level.  This is, of course, not to dismiss or make light of what others do, but credit is deserved where they put so much work into these cosplays.  Most of them are in such... body-wear of non-human or protection that it's impressive.  At least to me.

:iconhopie-chan: Vote/See Here  - Caught my attention with their Edea cosplay.  I've yet to play the game, but I once had to do a tiny digital version (via Gaiaonline) where I created an avatar of that character.  Why bring that up?  Because that's how I noticed how much canon-detail there is to this outfit and when I saw it in cosplay form?  Impressed doesn't begin to cover it.   That's not all they portray, either.

Again, you can see why these finalists have made it in.  Unfortunately, :iconmalindachan: did not make it in.  Which makes me sad-face, as I've been impressed with their work for a bit now.  Again the attention to detail that is made to their craft.  Amazing.  Individuals like Malindachan are those that make me want to fully get involved in such things.  Not because I wasn't interested before, but their passion is contagious.  The reminder that cosplay can be for fun as well is something that I find precious and latch onto.

There are other users that, unforunately, didn't make it to that round, but I'll save that for another time if anyone is interested in any cosplay love of such pimpage.

But others that did make it, that I also think are worth mentioning--~!  (Though, I only know the above DA users from some personal knowledge and some noting from others.  The following, I do not know their DA or if they have one)

And, it was really hard doing this.  I almost just went ahead and did most everyone.  Oi.  But I didn't.  You'll see why once you go to the voting place.

Jonathan Lerminiau Here They Are - It's a real life Mayuri.  Seriously.  It's unbelievably freaky.  As he should be.  I don't see any other cosplay by them, so I'm not sure beyond that.  But their Mayuri is at least worth noting.

Thomas DePetrillo Here They Are - Bumble Bee.  -- The Transformer.  Seriously.  

Edgar Mayoral Here They Are - That.Armor.  Seriously.  That. ARMOR.  

Jason Yun Here They Are - So.  I wanted to go into DAT ARMOR again, but.  The Kakashi parody of Old Spice is far too amusing.  But that's not all.  Scroll down and you'll see Cloud (posing far too adorable for words, might I add), but with his sword -- which split into its separate parts.

Brittany Valverde Here They Are - I admit, I went to this user b/c of Neliel.  But this is a cosplayer that goes to show that you don't have to have tons of items to your cosplay, that "simple" (though that doesn't mean they were simple to make, mind you) cosplays can be just as good.

I wish I had known that the other places had also reached their finalists :(  Maybe I'll do this for them, too, on a later date.  But for now, I should post this before the entry is lost!

Happy voting!


Onto Personal News.  Remember the whole 6 month lease?  Well, I stand corrected.  Our Landlord feels that they may have a potential buyer and has asked "how soon can you move out?" and "So do you still need a 30 days notice?"  She has not given us the 30 days, but I'm almost 100% positive that if she feels she does have this sold, she may do so come the 15th or sooner (I doubt sooner, since I'm sure she'd like her full rent money).  If this is the case, then we may have to be out of here by December 15th.  My mom feels that if she doesn't have concrete selling and if we do not have a notice prior to heavy winter kicking in that our Landlord may wait until the Spring.  But, basically, we have no Lease currently which means there are things up in the air.  Hopefully, she does not take advantage of that in a negative way.  So, things have returned to being unstable in that way.


From Previous Entry; Still Important with an add on.

There're two things, currently, that I'd like to have this entry about.  I'm putting them in the same entry so that neither get "bumped off" the page.  

One is about someone who would like to see their father again and hope that with enough voices, they can do so -- their father is being held in China and would like to come home to America.

Another is about another individual who does not have free healthcare and ended up really ill and now have to try to pay for the bills that have come through that by offering commissions.

The first case requires you simply to sign a petition and spread the word.

The second you can spread the word or "you scratch my back, I scratch yours."  You buy a commission and get something in return that you want.

Both have potential to be win/win situations.  


:iconyuumei: made a visual comic that explains the situation here as well as links on places you can go to.  After viewing the comic, sign the petition here.  I'm honestly not sure what a petition can do, but it doesn't hurt to try.  


:iconpetulantreflection: and :iconkthxplz: are both holding commissions to pay for a hospital dept that you can read more about it here.  With the holidays coming and there's never a bad time to gift anyone (or heck, gift yourself!), you can look to these two artists in order to do just that while also helping out their cause.

I know I don't have a lot of watchers that read, but I'd like to believe that every little bit counts and can help.


Humans are not the only ones that need our help.  As :iconamelia-seyruun: stated (and I quote) :

Hi, all you animal lovers! This is pretty simple… please reblog this post! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals in their shelters.

It takes less than a minute (only about 15 seconds actually) to go to their site and click on the purple box titled, 'Click Here to Give - it's FREE!'. From one click, it gives about .6 bowls of food to sheltered dogs. You can also click daily!

Keep in mind that this does not cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Please pass this along!
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Very awesome work!
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