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I have a birthday coming up on July 3rd (next Friday) and I am really looking forward to it. So, any gifts are welcome…lol. No just kidding. I just figured that since I am super excited about It, I might as well share the excitement. In addition, anyone that has a birthday in the month of July; I wish you a very happy birthday. ENJOY!!!
:thumb116603885: :thumb127456863: Rainbow cupcakes by oomad :thumb78244604: Yay for cupcakes :3 by yuki-the-vampire Kawaii Pink Pizza Party by KawaiiUniverseStudio Rainbow town by iMais Clown Jack in the Box by iMais Somewhere over the rainbow by iMais Happy B-Day To2..:heart: by iMais annoying duck by iMais leaving.. by iMais pinkeii whale by iMais Somewhere over the CuppiesCake by iMais Party time by iMais Party Frog by MegLyman :thumb122475582: Party Party Time by marywinkler Party.. by iMais party by kJz Happy Birthday Panda by satokibi strawberry cute love by kawainess Cancer eye by ftourini :thumb60563292: July by AraulsStamps birthday card patchwork by dragonartz happy birthday by lucifers-angel-6 Today is My Birthday Stamp by NoxieStock :thumb75114579: Happy Birthday Chibis YAY by TiffanySketches Geburtstagsgeschenke by smi Birthday Surprises by chey-love Birthday Wish by prayermedoo68 happy birthday by devilicious Gifted by Pamplemousse02 Birthday Above the Clouds by Sylfonis :thumb81055100: Happy Birthday Chibi 6 by Kumiko-Art Cute Birthday Cake by VioletLunchell happy Birthday by nono-sukar Happy Birthday by devilmaycryub :thumb96415908: Crooked Cake by Verusca Bunnygirl Cake by Shiritsu Cake by Ryumia Kawaii cheese cake by VioletLunchell Cake by chasekinder22 :thumb103362427: :thumb18502187: cake by tehKOTAK Whimsical Wedding Cake by pinkcakebox Topsy Turvy Quinceanera Cake by pinkcakebox Happy Birthday by mushi23 Birthday Cake by Shiritsu Birthday Cupcakes by PeterPan-Syndrome :thumb114274414: Happy Birthday Momo 2 by Kumiko-Art MIam ice cream cupcake kawaii by kawainess :thumb114525517: Parfait Necklace 5 by cherryboop :thumb98277999: ::My Yummy Cupcake:: by Bntuae cupcake by purp0l March Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 by The-Mad-Hattres :thumb98976309: Cookies  Parade by AdmiraWijaya

Since, I am in such a cheerful mood...Here is a COLOR EXPLOSION FEATURE :D

Burning Dairo by DOPEFELIX MARS by DOPEFELIX Mind Of Drome by DOPEFELIX :thumb120775479: :thumb102416359: :thumb117342063: Ganesha by archanN Just Playing by yiiikes The Umbrella Girl by Tajii-chan A d o r a t i o n by Tajii-chan .: Flower Sanctuary :. by Tajii-chan + Lollipop Love + by Tajii-chan +A N G E L+ by Tajii-chan - M y  D e s i r e s - by Tajii-chan 'Innocence is everything-' by Tajii-chan .: Shine on :. by Tajii-chan - A Jolly Christmas - by Tajii-chan - A RocKeR's Dream - by Tajii-chan +-This New Beginning-+ by Tajii-chan .I LOVE COLORS. by Tajii-chan . A Creative Mind . by Tajii-chan +- Angel of Spring -+ by Tajii-chan + Candy Soul + by Tajii-chan Evening Sun by archanN The Passion Goes On by archanN PlugGed IN by agneva pencils, in rainbows by miroitement Swiftness by agneva Cup Of Fish by KatherineDavis Polaris by archanN Rainbows by JESSCARLSON Dreams Of Stars And Rainbows by FadingBlack Hello Kitty , Hello Camden by KimberlyRAWR Bathing in Pollen by FramedByNature :thumb110494632: :thumb113113846: :thumb109403413: Exotic Jumper by agneva :thumb107778992: :thumb38016510: :thumb48806610: :thumb44838612: :thumb74173268: :thumb75283598: :thumb76160344: :thumb89296802: :thumb96672527: :thumb110587859: The guardian by SeeThrou

Mature Content

Am I Beautiful 'Collab' by SeeThrou
:thumb39376616: :thumb62964580: :thumb64593321: :thumb76657536: :thumb100895546: :thumb113576620: :thumb50525585: :thumb48497639: :thumb49530526: :thumb93808962: :thumb92653294: Rockabilly GAL for redstripe by glittersniffer -war paint- by glittersniffer synthetic drugstore by ElectronicRainbow neon headache by ElectronicRainbow The Peacock Dance by archanN Free I am Now by photoshop-addict28 Ultraviolet Rays by archanN NONO LAND by archanN Not The Brightest ... by kickass-peanut Urban Princess by cosmosue Zune Originals Art by rubenslp group by LimKis :thumb110337792: bubbles of color by loish Flowers blowing snow by qianyu Valentine's Day by Hitana Hippie by trenchmaker :thumb111825489: Jaunty Rainbow Flow by marywinkler :thumb85608855: Vectors - Cute Background 01 by oscarfuentes Cute background by Meow-maw Cute Background by LumCheng :thumb103554326: Spring Charms Preview by tedsie Pencils Pencils Pencils by kickass-peanut Battenburg Plushie by kickass-peanut Random Rain Cloud by Jennysaber

Mature Content

My Pythia by KirstenLane
Wish Faery by mindylu32 ANTONIO VIVALDI_AUTUMN by Umina bosque by aixado

Mature Content

Blue Flame by henning
Autumn Wind ... by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM :thumb100358668: :thumb99154755: :thumb97277640: I miss you by anaRasha Three's a Crowd by Sheldon-Rueben :thumb109264701: Harmony Rhythm by Omega-Chaos Fools Rush In by TearsAndThunder Happy Rainbows by Nameda mother of oak and apprentice by thevilution :thumb86328043: Mayo by sifuera Summer Glow by yuumei Sleeping in Colours by P0RG in Monets garden by rodulfo Song by nidhi-rathish '.' Grace '.' by nidhi-rathish Red, Gold and Blue by nidhi-rathish hadita del nenufar by aixado Fairy ride by angelmarthy Valentine 2009: love COMEt by iuneWind Moon Light by JollyPen Party by Frelon COLORS OF PEACE   (RACELESS:1) by workstation Grandis' Bouquet by KirstenLane Bookmark: Lovers by engelszorn Colorful nature sounds by Cimoetz Heart me a pony by Halohid Belle -- Merge with the Flow by emilynguyenart :thumb57119966: :thumb51431206: Soft As Breath by sparkbearer istanbul's tulip by gli water color by lucifers-angel-6 ::Color:: by FallingToPieces the color can by danjul :thumb95523461: Changing Color by Garelito-Photos In Living Color by MaciejKarcz Personification of Color by Emerald-Depths :thumb52741332: :thumb92074316: :thumb112001919: Many Colors by BJPentecost seeing colors by LaViaSimple7507 I scream and cry colors by ElenaSham COLORS by abiko Colors of the Sex by r-fl Feel The Colors by thalesribeiro Your true colors by manisakura :thumb52728658: Rainbow Me, I have The Colours by doveiq SHOW . ME . YOUR . COLOURS by amel0u lost in colours by l32 Repaire with colours by Slgado :thumb98972887: :thumb70583634: Geisha by shadowpaintedwhite :thumb79687890: taste the colours 2 by stolenbyMJ :thumb53981667: colours in flowers by zois-life C I R C U S by JaM-FaiRY Customize by Gabriella-Fraser :thumb64464543: Rainbow Daisy by swe3ty sixwheel by serotinin :thumb77908230: :thumb68771281: Mokura by gogirlanime on colors by budakseks Enchantment by CelestialDreams22 The Fire-Fly by lockjavv Duo Colors by Elderweiss Stardust by AntonellaB :thumb71137733: Exacitically by AnakMoon Dresden's Final File by WillDBill colors by acelogix Bright Colors by HearTheRainFall :thumb76618915: Deep Senses by ReNeon Colours of the Beauty by oguzBILGIC Rainbow by waver-h My Rainbow Garden by magnusti78 Rainbow Umbrella by Emindeath :thumb105659357: Rainbow Rose by MeganLeeRetouching :thumb38592586: Rainbow Flowers by LT-Arts :thumb78203734: :thumb93586805: Rainbow Warrior by TOOLaree Rainbow brite gone bad by lovehate-eternal :thumb91353316: Rainbow face by jobroluversjs Nightlife and Rainbows by gamesandgigs Lady Piruleta by mysteria-dl rainbow girl by Bunny-Chukino pegajoso arco iris by pieceesnp lash love by BeautifulLie18 A Tiger of Every Color by Raging-Moon The Scarlet Flower by Pr3t3nd3r bright colour contest entry by Lilith-Helyanwe Saute or Jump-up by CaroRichard :thumb50571826: colour bubble by isaaaw :thumb82155882: :thumb79509316: :thumb112002255: Hide and Seek by D-e-v-i :thumb86548406: I Dream In Colour by DreamsDeleted :thumb111191090: Bliss by vacuumslayer starstruck by bailey--elizabeth Fruit of a different color by FootPoke La Fee du Soleil by emilieleger :thumb114070617: Hey I am the Devil by archanN The wishing tree by Chromattix My little fairy by AdmiraWijaya Fairy: Sweety by zeldacw new+improved 12 Fairy Bowl by solipherus I love kittens by DarkDemonEyes A colorful dream by ThErEaLDoLLyFrikka :thumb76239271: :thumb82641625: Colorful by ThErEaLDoLLyFrikka :thumb51733482: :thumb63449083: :thumb60749840: :thumb108754086: :thumb108017654: :thumb113231712: :thumb95973973: :thumb113678144: :thumb111633211: :thumb113361398: :thumb113708473: :thumb113690378: :thumb111740269: :thumb48296138: :thumb113290632: :thumb111933763: :thumb113578798: :thumb113578301: :thumb112621787: :thumb100530161: :thumb112560431: :thumb99757040: :thumb86998878: :thumb90039920: :thumb70108144: :thumb106680974: :thumb95024061: :thumb110119885: :thumb113502707: :thumb111287650: :thumb110949928: :thumb108817381: :thumb106875467: :thumb107104272: :thumb108895309: :thumb107268126: :thumb108407819: :thumb108601818: :thumb106490208: :thumb105628379: :thumb23067858: :thumb45467990: :thumb100922097: :thumb112426390: :thumb103932949: :thumb86869705: :thumb74718842: :thumb86100070: :thumb112825410: :thumb102224243: :thumb83452993: :thumb97048046: :thumb95223541: :thumb109673076: :thumb104210984: :thumb104211453: :thumb107214012: :thumb70625108: :thumb82960236: :thumb21157978: :thumb69995079: :thumb71009515: :thumb56241234: :thumb50692493: :thumb44111700: :thumb75638193: :thumb74504650: :thumb109937343: :thumb108253303: :thumb98413158: :thumb105741875: :thumb127149529: :thumb127004435: :thumb126647119: :thumb125518373: :thumb85568400: :thumb26799822: :thumb82496037: :thumb40607082: :thumb49283667: :thumb75208025: :thumb95116281: :thumb87265507: :thumb76100740: :thumb89710230: :thumb55500545: :thumb64852587: :thumb19763913: :thumb52519113: :thumb51037092: :thumb76242739:
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OMG that's amazing! So colourful and awesome!
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OMG, so many deviations to fave and run!
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Thank you for the feature
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wow! thank yu so much for featuring me between all these great artists! ♥♥♥
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Thank You for featuring one of my works here. TY!
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I love your collection and im very honored to be a part of it :D
Thanks and happy birthday! :glomp:
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thank u so much for hte feature,, im very greatful
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Awesome! Thanks :heart:
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hey, thanks a lot for featuring my works....:):):)
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all pics are so cute so good
yaya looks beautiful good choices!:)
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Wow, colour bursting collection. I like it a lot. :)
Thanks for featuring my picture here. I feel honoured, thanks . :boing:

~ Lilith
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Thank you again:hug: Lovely feature!:clap:
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Thank you so much for the feature ! i totally digg your selections , amazing !
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Great! Thank you for including my work.
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thanks for the feature <3
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Thanks for the feature :smooch:
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i'm a july baby but i'm a leo... we rule too!!!
happy birthday :) xxx
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Hi Sunita :wave:

Thanks for featuring mine :aww:
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Thank you for the feature, sweetie. :aww: :hug:

:party: I hope you have a fabulous birthday! :heart:
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awesome collections :D
ThErEaLDoLLyFrikka's avatar
thanks for the features! :hug:
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awesome feature. so colorful and delicious.
and thanks for featuring my piece! :hug:
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