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Call me Crow, Dave, or Mona.

- 28
- Panromantic Pansexual
- Taken (Izukkun is my bae.)
- Pagan
- She/ Her or They/ Them preferred, but I'll answer to any pronouns as long as you're polite

That's really all there is to it. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Give a llama, get a llama. Live and let live.

So yeah. Have at, my lovelies.



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Yep. More ramblings. 
Contains personal headcanons about a ton of MHA characters so if you're uncomfortable reading about hcs that are probably different than yours, you may wanna just gtfo and spare yourself the pain. And as always, will contain ocXcanon pairings and shit so if you don't like those either, just skip this. Obviously the stuff about my OCs is just flat-out canon because I said so but that's a given so nyeh. 8D

- Shouta is demisexual and pan. Autistic. Poly.
- Hizashi is pan as fuck. Autistic and HOH (has hearing aids and his headphones cover them and are also noise-cancelling to help with sensory overload). Also kinda GNC some days depending on how he feels. Poly. Pierced six ways from Sunday.
- Suzuki is bisexual. Poly. 
- Tomo is kinda demi but also kinda ace- it fluctuates depending on how they're feeling and if they're dealing with dysphoria or not (it's complicated- most days they're okay with their body but some days they're not and that influences whether they're okay with being touched and stuff). GNC. Poly.
- Katsuki is bi with male preference. Has PTSD from Kamino Ward incident/ kidnapping. Poly.
- Eijirou is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Poly. Anxiety issues but he's really good at hiding them until it overloads and then he kinda breaks down. 
- Ritsu is sorta??? straight??? but only mostly??? She doesn't really look at labels too much tbh. Has ADHD symptoms but no diagnosis. Poly. QPP with Katsuki, Tomo, and Eijirou.
- Mezo is pan- literally gives no shits about the gender of his potential partners. Poly.
- Fumikage is bisexual. Potential light sensitivity which gets fucky bc of Dark Shadow and the relationship with light that comes with his Quirk. Poly.
- Tosei is also gaaaaaaaaay. Probably autistic. Fidgets a lot. 
- Xia is probably straight but she hasn't had a chance to explore or learn about herself until after getting with Ryuusei so who tf knows what's going on there. PTSD from the shit with her dad and from the initial capture by Shouta. 
- Junko is a lesbian. Like super gay. 
- Daiki is mostly gay but he can handle being with a person of any gender. Low-key GNC, as in he'll wear whatever the hell he wants to, including crop tops, but his overall presentation matches his gender identity pretty well. 
- Kenji is probably bi but like Xia, hasn't had a chance to really explore anything about himself yet. 
- Ochako (fuck you, official spelling--) is a lesbian but has potential to be romantically attracted to any gender (personally I feel like her crush on Deku is more of an admiration type deal rather than actually being attracted to him in any way beyond friendship/ QPP).
- Tsuyu is asexual lesbian. Autistic. 
- Tenya is bisexual. Autistic. Poly. 
- Shoto is gay as shit. Poly. Has abandonment issues probably. 
- Izuku is pan. Possible ADD and probably autistic. Definitely has hyperfixations. Poly. 
- Momo is a lesbian. Anxiety issues for sure. 
- Kyoka is also a lesbian. Butch for the most part. 
- Mirio is bi. Potentially poly but in a committed relationship with Tamaki soooooo--
- Tamaki is gay as shit. Canon anxiety/confidence issues. Probably has abandonment issues too. 
- Nejire is pan and has the potential to be poly as well, but she's dating Yuyu at the moment. 
- Yuyu = lesbian. Waiting on more info from canon but yeah. She gay.
- Shinsou is probably bi or ace. Not sure which I like better at the moment. Autistic. Has lots of issues with sensory overload. And trust issues. 

Did you make it through all of that? Yay! 
If you're wondering why I didn't do all the kids or anything, it's because they don't factor into my canon. Like... they're there and they're important, obviously, but as far as being in relationships and such, we don't really have anything for them so there's no point in putting them on the list, yanno? And as for why I didn't include bae's OCs, that should be obvious. They're her characters and she gets to make the calls on those.
Always willing to explain further and give reasons if you want them, but like... be nice, yo. 8D 

- Crow
  • Listening to: nothing.
  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: myself type.
  • Playing: Borderlands.
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: Coke Zero.


today's update: I cannot write for Bakugo to save my life.
Finally kind of working on a fic for MHA but I dunno if I should publish it or not. Writing for Bakugo is hard. 
!!! Friendly reminder that I have cheap commissions open!!! 
legit pain bc Toshinori Yagi isn't real and I can't hug him
Since I've fallen into the hell that is My Hero Academia, would any of y'all be interested in reader insert fics and junk? 


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