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Sheik X Link Ch. 8 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 12 10
Ocarina of time ... bowser? by ximenasr9 Ocarina of time ... bowser? :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 28 30
Mature content
Sheik x Link Ch 7 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 12 6
Mature content
Chasing Shadows Chp 10 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 6 4
It was all over. No more Zant, no more Gannondorf, no more trouble, no more adventure. It was time to say their good-byes at least for now. Link, Zelda and Midna were in the mirror chamber.
"Link I ... See you later." She turned her face to look and the mirror, she couldn't stand look at those deep blue sapphire eyes knowing he had no idea what was about to happen.
"Stay, if you want to love me stay" This took Midna out of her meditation and made her look to the place. She turned to see Link was now standing in front of her, grabbing her by the arm.
"Look at me, in my eyes. Tell me that you feel nothing inside, because I can't wash you of my skin. Just say a word and ill leave you alone."
Midna was in shock being hit by thousands of feeling, joy, confusion, euphoria, etc. All at once. After what seemed an eternity, Link finally placed his lips on hers. They were being sucked in by the mirror into the Twilight Realm and the mirror shattered. Zelda just stood there smiling happy for her
:iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 1 5
Dark Link Color by ximenasr9 Dark Link Color :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 3 2 Dark Link No Color by ximenasr9 Dark Link No Color :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 2 0
Mature content
Chasing Shadows Chp 9 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 7 4
Ocarina Of Time Mario? by ximenasr9 Ocarina Of Time Mario? :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 14 13 Majoras mask mario? by ximenasr9 Majoras mask mario? :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 26 26
Mature content
Sheik x Link Ch 6 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 10 9
Mature content
Chasing Shadows Chapter 8 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 4 4
Sheik x Link Ch 5
Chapter 5
Link was kneeling panting and sweating. While sheik was standing a few
feet away for him and was completely unharmed and didn't seem tired at
"We are done for today Link." Sheik said and offered a hand to help
Link get up." Tomorrow we will have a theorical class. So meet me at
my place at 7:00 am. You could use some rest now." Sheik turned around
and started headed to castle town.
"Wait!" Link said and Sheik stop turned around and raised an
eyebrow. 'God he look sexy when he does that' Link thought and the
shook the thought out of his head and then said.
" Would you mind if I stay for a while in your house. I need to
recharge my energy before a I go home"
"Sure, ill make you a meal so you can 'recharge your energy' faster."
Sheik said a but mokingly but sweet at the same time.
Sheik and Link arrived to Sheiks house. It was about 10:30 pm and Link
could bare move. Once they were in Sheik home Link crashed on the
couch. Sheik laught softly and headed to the kitchen. He to
:iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 10 0
Chasing Shadows Ch.7
Chapter 7
"Hero, hero... Link snap out of it!" Sheik shouted while he shook Link.
The hero finally woke up from his daydreaming came back to reality.
"Wha... What happened?" Link said confused.
"We arrived to the cave where the spirit lives. We can camp inside and
tomorrow we can search for it." "Hell no! We will start searching
today" Link said and started heading inside the cave. Sheik sighed and
shook his head and followed.
After walking for a while the cave became pitch dark. Sheik pulled out
a magic stone that had a soft white light but it was only enough to
lite Sheiks way. Link was to stubborn to take out his later and was
only relying on his instincts and the little light he could get form
sheik stone. Suddenly Link ran into a mysterious wooden object and
tripped. Sheik help Link stand up and then lite the mysterious object.
"What was it?" Link asked as he finally pulled his lantern due to his
little accident.
"Its a sign. It says,' if you want to see the spirit you must find a
:iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 10 4
Chasing Shadows Ch. 6
Chapter 6
Midna was staring at her kingdom from the balcony in her room. She had
fought for her kingdom with her life and now she had it back. But she
still felt something was missing. It had been months since she broke
the mirror of twilight and yet Link was on her mind all the time. 'I
can't be thinking about men like this, let alone Link; I have a Kingdom
to rule. And I'm not even queen yet. The council think I should be
queen be now, but I can't unless I marry someone. Damn stupid council,
stupid laws, stupid royalty.' But Midna's thought were suddenly stopped
by some calling her name.
"Midna..." He said. It was a soft and deep voice, filled with
confidence and courage. It was the voice she was waiting to hear for
months, the voice of the only man she could love. Midna turned around
so she could make sure her ears weren't fooling her.
She saw him. He wasn't dress in his normal green tunic; instead he
wore a white loose shirt with a V neck and black trousers. He looked
like and ange
:iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 16 8
Mature content
Sheik x Link Ch. 4 :iconximenasr9:ximenasr9 9 5

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hi y'all ok i just wanted to tell ya i came up with a better name for my link x midna fanfic
its new name will be chasing shadow
let me know what you think


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