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And even in the darkness, he stayed with her.

SSSSHHH. I HAVE HEADCANONS OK. I have no time to color things anymore. *sobs*
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Exo : Crying Kai This is so sweet! 
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awww so nice :) 
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It'd take a stronger woman than Morrigan to resist that face in panel 3.
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the feels! such feels. you are very good at showing motion in such a short time. a true master
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I missed your Morri centered pictures so damn much!!!
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Great job on it !
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This is close to my headcannon.. But the man isn't a cousland. XD He's a city elf.
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You know what is going to pour out of that crack? ALL OF MY EMOTIONS AMG I CAN'T COPE WITH ALL THE FEELS ;U;
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Headcannon approved.
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zsdlfkjzhdfklgjh\as this is so beautiful and sweet
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This is perfect!
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This is so perfect. Thank you! Please keep up the lovely drawings of Morrigan and Edric!
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It's a xim. Hi Xim! I think it looks good. New Dragon age coming!
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Squeee <3 You should do more for these two! They are freakin' adorable together!
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Crack in the sky
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It is nice to see that despite all of the events they have been through that their love is still strong
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omg the emotion in the third panel. /cry
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute !
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