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Eyes speak

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Woah, this is so incredible! You're an actual pro! <3
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Awesome Artwork !!!! :D
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wow.... $^$&#%&#$%&#%& great!!!
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I'm surprised people are so scared. Its freaky, but more deep. :peace: Awesome meaning, and great way of showing it!
Sheneah's avatar
This is making me so uncomfortable...
Agacora's avatar
And now I shall scream.
TheNewMichaelangelo's avatar
Don't you mean *eye shall scream :iconlawooplz:
elvis1972's avatar
that is fucking awesome!!!!
I tried to make a copy of this please comment and tell me your views, i am a beginner... This is the link ---…
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wow, that is scary but amazing!!!!!!
nightumbreon's avatar
thats cool... but also really scary :s!!
Dudeguy71598's avatar
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Great concept! :)
diveintolove's avatar
Whoa... I'm... freaked. >.<
DeepSeaBreakfast's avatar
I'm not sure if I should run away screaming, or stay here and gape. :P
Akezzon's avatar
Scary and enchanting at the same time.
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