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"i'm not a fan of puppeteers, but i have a nagging fear; someone else is pulling out the strings..."
inspired from thelivingtombstone's song 'discord'
made with oil pastel
if only my scanner weren't so shitty
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Raven: Reminds me of Discord Whooves.
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I like to imagine this may have been the kind of artworks that ponies would make of Discord, during the thousand+ years after his defeat, and before he emerged from his initial imprisonment; as a legend of terror. 'The tyrannical nutcase who ruled the land with disharmony in his wake' :D
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i'm pretty sure that he prefers it that way

and how about "super-ultra-psychotic-and-all-out-powerful-tyrannical-mentally-disturbed-chaophilic-supreme-overlord-of-disharmony"