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#12 Shattered - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #12 Shattered - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 10 0 #11 Run - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #11 Run - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 5 2 #10 Gigantic - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #10 Gigantic - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 10 0 #9 Screech - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #9 Screech - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 11 0 #8 Crooked - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #8 Crooked - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 6 0 #7 Shy - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #7 Shy - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 6 0 #6 Sword - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #6 Sword - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 8 0 #5 Long - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #5 Long - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 8 2 #4 Underwater - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #4 Underwater - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 12 0 #3 Poison - Inktober 2017 by xilenobody143 #3 Poison - Inktober 2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 6 2 #2 Division - Inktober2017 by xilenobody143 #2 Division - Inktober2017 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 12 4 #1 Swift Inktober2015 by xilenobody143 #1 Swift Inktober2015 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 17 4 PoGo Blanche Party by xilenobody143 PoGo Blanche Party :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 15 0 Ph Garde by xilenobody143 Ph Garde :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 28 7 PKMN Theme Team 1 by xilenobody143 PKMN Theme Team 1 :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 39 5 WIP - return to DA by xilenobody143 WIP - return to DA :iconxilenobody143:xilenobody143 1 0


Poketrainer Sakuya joined the bandwagon
Pokemon Go came out a few days ago in Sweden but I am still waiting to get a new phone provider, but untill then I play Pokemon Go on my Ipod at home with my wifi. I wont be able to get many pokemon but atleast I have one pokestop right outside my home.
Odd thing is, I hit level five but wasnt forced to choose any team...
Anyway I will post my progress  in Pokemon Go in my shoutbox on the main page so feel free to check it out.
:iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 3 7
Skelebros! by grievousfan Skelebros! :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 928 81 Pretty Great Lea by jojo56830 Pretty Great Lea :iconjojo56830:jojo56830 376 44 S5E05, Tanks for the Memories -- Deleted Scenes by TheeLinker S5E05, Tanks for the Memories -- Deleted Scenes :icontheelinker:TheeLinker 284 74 Idea: Commissions Organizer by Akili-Amethyst Idea: Commissions Organizer :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 5 0 Disney Fairies Stained Glass -line art- by Akili-Amethyst Disney Fairies Stained Glass -line art- :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 142 1 Draconequus baby-talk by Lopoddity Draconequus baby-talk :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,618 641 New Ember by AeternumLuminis New Ember :iconaeternumluminis:AeternumLuminis 52 37 Plain Light Housing Render by Ischiron Plain Light Housing Render :iconischiron:Ischiron 6 4 Scootaloo's present by doubleWbrothers Scootaloo's present :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 7,022 1,380 Upside Down by kilalaaa Upside Down :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 4,953 441 Autumn by tsuaii Autumn :icontsuaii:tsuaii 21,334 708 Hard Lessons by Tailzkip Hard Lessons :icontailzkip:Tailzkip 100 18 MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 23 by PerfectBlue97 MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 23 :iconperfectblue97:PerfectBlue97 345 219 Dash Academy Chapter 6 - The Secrets We Keep #17 by SorcerusHorserus Dash Academy Chapter 6 - The Secrets We Keep #17 :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 3,608 2,206
Brian Kesinger: Character Driven


Disney Artist Brian Kesinger on Creating Story through Character
Foreword by techgnotic
It is with great pleasure we welcome BrianKesinger as a guest writer to the Today Page Editorial Team. Considering his authentic citizenship within the deviantART community, his thoughts and insights will be of great value to all aspiring artists, illustrators, writers and others involved in any creative endeavor. For over 18 years, Brian has worked for Walt Disney Studios on films like Big Hero 6, Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 9,879 1,479


#12 Shattered - Inktober2017
This time I've decided to feature Steven Universe for the theme
The shattering of Pink Diamond
Who did it?

And end the hiatus already, jeez XD

Steven Universe
Cartoon Network
Rebecca Sugar
#11 Run - Inktober2017
Day 11
I thought that I should make a more detailed lineart this time

#10 Gigantic - Inktober2017
Day 10
Does this count? ^^;
That San Francisco scene from Lilo & Stitch is, hands down, one of the best part of the movie <3

Lilo & Stitch the movie
#9 Screech - Inktober2017
Things that screech
Owls screech, in real life, I mean
But heres the thing
While in the middle of inking i thought to myself...
"Wait a minute... Rowlets evo line doesn't learn screech... darn it!"
Oh well, im commited

Pokemon Sun/Moon
#8 Crooked - Inktober2017
Inspired by the crooked man that lived in a crooked house
I tried splashing in a hint of Tim Burton style into the mix
So I've mentioned before that i'm an architecture major, right? no? well now you know :D
by june next year (my final year, yay!) I'll be tackling my final thesis, They said that you can choose any project proposal so i've decided to go with


An Art Academy!
(hence the logo)  summer finch D A by xilenobody143

so I need the assistance from the good people here in the Deviantart community to aid me (if that's alright with you...). My Project proposal will offer curricular art programs (mostly) ranging from the different variety of art education such as; Animation(traditional, 3d, visual effects), Architecture (interior, bs architecture, landscape), Fine arts (painting, sculpting, print making), Illustration, Industrial design, Motion pictures & television (film), Multi media communication, Game design, photography, and music production & sound design.

This journal entry is just basically a heads-up. so if anyone can help me I would really be grateful (but please don't think that you're obliged to). please let me know in the comment section below if you're interested, don't worry I won't ask you to do anything too hard. just a basic inquiry and survey or interview type of research. The point of this entry is just a quick announcement, I'll be posting more about this topic for the next few months, I hope to see you then.

BTW sorry if I haven't posted anything new for a while, must be mental block issues i guess.

and again thank you in advance
sincerely yours-



xilenobody143 has started a donation pool!
1,840 / 5,000
I need both points and experience, taking commissions and requests will be like killing two birds with one stone. While I have my imagination momentum, making more artwork will boost up my skills, for that I need drive and who better to provide it than you guys. Although do note that I am still learning the ropes, so if take on requests that I know are too hard for me I may decline. So anyways here are the types

oc characters, can range from anthro (anime), pokemon, ponies, monsters, or others. Make any unusual request, I don’t care.

Weapons design, character clothing and accessories, etc. Anything that a character can use or wear, you name them.

Logos, emblems and icons. Cutie marks included

= 1 lineart--> 50 :points:
= 1 character colored--> 70 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows--> 100 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 300 :points:
= additional character +40 :points:

= 1 lineart--> 15 points
= 1 character colored--> 80 :points:
= 1 character colored with shadows--> 150 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 200 :points:
= additional character 30 :points:

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A graduate of Architecture, parent's choice, the industry doesnt agree with me
An enthusiast of Art in general; Animation, Illustrations and Comics, Games and Game Development, Crafting, etc.


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