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EN Superior App -- Caliel by Xiiee EN Superior App -- Caliel by Xiiee
Here's the new app for :iconexorcist-nocturnal: ;u; I'm quite glad with how it turned out ;u; Needless to say, the other was getting old.


:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Name: Caliel.
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Age: …old. Doesn’t know it himself. DOB: January 15.
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Gender: In his current incarnation, male.
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Height: 6 feet 3 / 191 cm.
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Weight: 190 pounds / 86 kg with wings.
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Class: Angel Superior.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Quote: Get off your lazy butt already. You have work to do. ……nope? Well, I’ll find you some. Trust me.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Weapon: Caliel uses a partisan as his main weapon. Named “8th Commandment”, the weapon has an ability of piercing through magic shields. The blade has been blessed in the Holy Lands to make it more effective against demons. 8th Commandment is a summoned weapon, and is tied to Caliel through the scarifications on his lower back.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Armor: As a winged creature, it’s hard for Caliel to wear any armor at all since it might be too heavy or might bother the way he usually moves with his wings. The only thing that acts as armor, aside from his armguard, is the scarification tattoo he has on his lower back, written in Holy language (artist’s note: Hebrew ftw, it looks so badass OTL’’). This armor has to be activated to work, and it casts a protective energy field around the angel. That field CAN be pierced by attacks that are strong enough.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Special abilities:
- The technique doesn’t have a name for itself, but it is inspired by the legendary berserker’s rage. When falling into this state of mind during a fight, Caliel will push every feeling and parasitic thought aside – allowing himself to focus only and solely on the fight, boosting his speed and agility rate to gain an edge on his opponent. His body will ignore any message of pain. The effects vanish after 5 minutes, and the drawback can be fatal: immense physical pain comes after pushing his muscles to such extremities, and every wound he suffered in that state becomes worse, at an exponential rate (for example, what looked like a small cut is actually some… not so small *cough* open gash with a good sight on the bone).

- Fighting style: Not being legendarily strong, Caliel relies on his skill, agility and speed for fighting.
- Flight: ….duh. He has wings. DUH. HE CAN FLY.
- Weapons master: Caliel has been trained over hundreds of years only to serve the purpose of justice (by the arms, mostly). He has learned to use a variety of weapons, spears and bladed weapons being his favorite. He can use pretty much any weapon, improvised or not (if not no weapon at all), for any fight.
- Clairvoyance (passive) : As the Angel of Justice and Holy Truth, Caliel KNOWS when someone is lying to him, just like when that little red alarm light goes off in his head. He also has access to premonitory visions, which usually take form in either dreams or ‘black outs’ – and doesn’t control AT ALL. Those are usually sketchy, sometimes accompanied by physical reactions such as pain, bleeding, nausea, etc. They are often confused with normal dreams.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:Personality: Caliel is a very strict person, almost stuck up. He has been trained over hundreds of years to be only one thing : to be the Angel dedicated to the execution of Justice. As his god’s sword of justice, it means he can allow himself to do some acts that might be reprehensible if it’s to right the wrongs. Caliel is a pure angel, born from the very hands of his creator. He is a pure creature and also a virgin. He follows the commandments he has been given, and is really tied to them. He’s ready to taint himself and go to any length (really, ANY LENGTH) to attain his goals and end the war. His own purity can go to hell if it means that the demons will lose. As a leader, Caliel is a hand of steel in a glove of steel. He is very demanding, as he deems that others can do it if he can. Laziness, incompetence and cowardness are the things that make his wings go puffy with anger.

- Coziness.
- Hot baths.
- Justice (DUH).
- Discovering new things (yes he’s a tidbit curious).
- Monasteries and churches.
- Silence.
- Desserts.

- Impurity.
- Laziness.
- Incompetence.
- Cowards.
- Demons.
- Demons.
- Demons.
- Laziness.
- Demons.
- Cold.
- Rain.
- Cold rain.
- Bunny slippers.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:History: There is not much to be told about Caliel’s story, since he’s lived the same routine over years. He’s been created as an adult, and he had the same appearance since he’s born. He never had a childhood, and was trained every day to fulfill his duty. He’s been sent in the middle world to command the other angels and show them an example of purity, sanctity and self-sacrifice… and accessorily to discover the wondersssss of the human world.

Well, that’s what he’d want it to be: as simple and shortly described as that. Unluckily enough for Caliel though, 4672 years of history can’t be put in something so short. His first memories go way back, to his birth as an angel – the growth of his wings. From that moment, he was aware that his existence as an angel would be dedicated to their hardest job: bringing justice by the arms. Being born with the knowledge of pain (because wings growing out of a back never was something that’d be recommended as a nice weekend activity), he was formed to be the head of the holy angelic division of Executioners. Known as a ruthless, zealous justice bringer, he was perfectly fit for the job: as a perfect, obedient soldier, he could go to any length in order to bring divine justice. During his whole life, he’s been formed to become skilled with pretty much any weapon, his specialities being spears and scythes. His dedication for his job helped him stand out, and it’s thanks to it that he’s been sent to be one of the Angel superiors in order to help the exorcists.

- His inventory is pretty much the same in any situation:
* Some money. This thing rules the world, or so he’s discovered.
* Bandages. Hey, you never know…
* A little bird charm, offered by a… friend?
* Water. Hey, you never know…
* Some holy water, just in case.
* Weapon and armor, trololol.

- His wings are permanently on his back, he cannot ‘remove’ or hide them in any way. Therefore, he has an adapted bed, which looks like a huge nest full of pillows and covers, and so on with other furniture and pieces of clothing.
- He rarely shows any passion, except for two situations: a serious fight, or… when he’s playing violin. YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING, HUH?~~ //shot to the moon

Caliel is � :iconmiss-neokitsune:
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Jollymushroom Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
:icontableflipplz: Dammit Caliel, why are you so amazing? Have I told you I love everything about your sexeh angel, Missy?
Xiiee Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DFSKDJF He's nothing amazing, he's just a big butthead QuQ;; YOU FLATTER ME JOLLY, YOU FLATTER ME :iconblushplz:
mad-and-mirthful Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:icongo-on-plz: I'm sensing something of a distaste toward demon-kind.
Xiiee Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? I never thought it'd be that obvious 0-0 What made you think that?~~~~
mad-and-mirthful Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh... just a silly little thought that flitted through my brain....
chris-heavens Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooh, he's delicious! Very nice design, and the wings look stellar!
Xiiee Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww I'm glad you like him ;u; His wings were the worst part to draw, I'm so not used to them XDDDD Eeeee thank you so much~~ :iconsqueeeeplz:
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