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December 5, 2009
R.A.T. by ~Xidon is a fantastic, high quality model which perfectly captures the character of a rat whilst being very believable and realistic.
Featured by joannastar
Suggested by viisi
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This is a robotic rat I built in Modo for an art exhibition in my home town. Had lots of fun working on it.

Edit: Wow I was so stoked to get a Daily Deviation.
Thanks so much to !viisi for suggesting it and thanks heaps to `joannastar for featuring it.
Check out R.A.T.V8 the updated more hardcore version.
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Wow!! this is amazing the detail work is just amazing.
ExoSkull-1's avatar
That is a cool rat!
Ratizz's avatar
OMG I want dat
Bernd-Haier's avatar
great work and idee !

regards Bernd
dokusai120's avatar
i love rats and i love robots i totally love rats robots
fantastic! I would like to use this image on a logo. Can we make an agreement?
Xidon's avatar
Sorry but the ip for this has already been sold, so can't i've permission to use again sorry.
replicant1's avatar
Cool rat robot!
deathlinkxxo's avatar
wow tell me how you did that you gotta
cyc1one's avatar
yeh thats cool
EbiTheRat's avatar
wow that´s fantastic!!!!! I really love him!!!! :)
AMoonPeach's avatar
This is really awesome! I posted it on my rat community page! Like it here > For rat health, illness, and care tips, sites to go with helpful rat information, adorable rat pictures, and more :D
MissIp's avatar
Creart-core-gallery's avatar
just look at my deviant page please, I made your rat!
kingamil's avatar
TigerSiil's avatar
its awesome but it remembers my a kangaroo ;)
Alex321432's avatar
your kangaroo has a wired tale... XD
Alex321432's avatar
I have that mouse, rat, thing... XD
Xidon's avatar
Same. It always trips me out when I see the Cyborg range of product in stores and its branded all over with my characters :)
Alex321432's avatar
That's sweet, did they ask you for it or what?
Xidon's avatar
I designed the Rat image prior but worked with them in re-designing some areas to better fit the look they would want, then made the two other characters for them.
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