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A model designed for Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. for their new line of Cyborg gaming products. The look of the Cyborg had to fit in with the key design elements of my R.A.T model. This model was built using subdivision surfaces in Modo.
For more renders seeing more details check out my CGSociety gallery.
This has been published in Ballistic Publishings Expose 8 full-page on page 163.
Also featured as the cover + article in this months issue of 3D World Magazine
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the exosqueleton, is it plastic or metal?
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Figured it to be like a fibre glass srot of material. Could be thought of as metal with a fibreglass or plastic outer shell. To be fair I didn't knopw too much about shadig when I created these so it wouldn't surprise me if it is a plastic with too much specular making it have a somewhat mettalic feel and it definietely being a non physically based material. :)
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Ummmmmmmm How is that cyborg ??????
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Was the name of the gaming brand it was designed for.
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
More of an android than a cyborg.
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This is badass; I wanna see this guy go up against the Terminator!
ZalMan1976's avatar
i like the dynamic posing and its fluidity
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I see elements of the Necron warrior and a Space Marine here...nicely done by the way.
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I think it fits perfectly.
Xidon's avatar
??? Lol yea it's my CGSociety account. It's even linked in my description.
PokeySlowpoke's avatar
This drawing is amazing and all but...

He doesn't look like a cyborg o:

He looks more like an android o3o
Xidon's avatar
Yea, I know. Cyborg is the name but it's not a cyborg. Cyborg is the brand this character was made for, which relates to the interaction between the humana and the machine.
PokeySlowpoke's avatar
Humana? o.o

Lol, I see, but I'm just saying it doesn't seem like a cyborg to me.

Seems more like an Android cause a cyborg is a person whose part man and part machine.

Whether it's mostly machine, or mostly human.

And yes they called the Terminator a cyborg, but he was really an android with an authentic skin suit.

But then again, it was the 80s and the word Cyborg sounded really cool back then xD

But yeah, the picture is really cool, just the title was misleading for me :3

But that's just me ^-^;
Xidon's avatar
Sorry about the spelling mistake. It was supposed to say human. And I was agreeing with you that it is not a cyborg. I was explaining why the title says Cyborg even though it's an android.
mikey163u's avatar
outstandingly impressive
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*clink sound* Yup.
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Is this 3D animation stuff?...It's really good. I need to learn how to do stuff like that!
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Well it's not animated (moving), yea it is 3D work. A simple modelling tutorial and shaders tutorial, plus something going over HDRI lighting, and you will have all the essential skills to be able to create this.
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i hope in my life time, this will become reality
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