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Silverfall signature tutorial

By XiceGfx
Xice's Silverfall Sig Tutorial

A tutorial on my Silverfall signature.
If you like it please :+fav: it. :)

Bratz Designs
Bratz Designs
Bratz Designs
Bratz Designs
Bratz Designs
Bratz Designs

If you register at Bratz Designs, please put Xice as your referral :)


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I liked so much your tutorial, and, i want to translate him to portuguese, for a brazilian signs forum.
Of course, i need your permission...
XiceGfx's avatar
Feel free to translate it :)
jwazzle's avatar
Hey nice work !!!

IF you would like to get more Critique where everyone will see your works Visit CFX - [link]

I would really appreciate to see you there .

We have things like


If you choose to register with us, just add "The Prodigy" to your referrer!
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LiipeehKun's avatar
good job. nice :)
sonatabrej's avatar
one of the best sigs i've ever saw :O
useurcamera's avatar
Here's something i made!
dont mind the filename lol
Nice tut...Keep it up!
xxjohnnyquidxx's avatar
Awesome tut. loved following along with it. Used your steps (minus 1 or 2) to create this sig
XiceGfx's avatar
I'm glad you like the tutorial, nice result :)
Can i have the background of rock formation u got

(here the render create an account)

XiceGfx's avatar
I don't have that image anymore.
But you can find a lot of good stock images here on DA.
For example in the gallery of #resurgere.
Sick tutorial, can I have the render? Its cool.

Btw, I faved.
XiceGfx's avatar
I'm afraid I don't have that render anymore.. try googling for 'Silverfall' :)
MCDSG's avatar
I enjoyed a lot this your Tutorial
and I wonder if you would be willing
to release it so I can set my forum
and thus their credits and a link to your DeviantART
so you can comment or know his work.
Thank you very much. Congratulations
XiceGfx's avatar
Thanks, i'm glad you like the tutorial. You can put it on your forum, that's no problem.
MCDSG's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Mark-CFC's avatar
This tut is great, But do you mind telling me what render you used? Maybe link?
XiceGfx's avatar
It's been too long since i made that tutorial.. i checked, but the link is no longer available and i don't have the render anymore.. i'm sorry, i hope you like the tutorial anyway :)
AbstractInTheDark's avatar
This is an awesome tut! I loved the result I got with a Bahamut render!
XiceGfx's avatar
i'm glad you like it :)
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