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Basic signature tutorial

By XiceGfx
A tutorial made for people who aren't very experienced in signature making.
It took me a few hours to make.

If you like it please visit [link]
note: this site doesn't exist anymore
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© 2006 - 2021 XiceGfx
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Thanks for tutorial man
Cheempz's avatar

great tutorial , I hope you help enough people

SilverTetsusaiga's avatar
Thanks for making this. I can't wait to try it out !!!!
SeikyoJack's avatar
Great tutorial! I used it to make a wallpaper: [IMG][link]
KingSkyler's avatar
I am soo going to try this!
Knuttdogg's avatar
I am going to do this for my nephew this weekend.
Qraw's avatar
Nice! Very detailed. :iconicantbelieveitplz:

I know this is a bit off topic but... may I know what font style this is?
XiceGfx's avatar

I think the large font is called 'papyrus', I don't remember the name of the pixel font.
But both fonts can be found on [link]
Qraw's avatar
Thanks for the reply. (;
And looks like all the fonts are here. Looks like I have to scavenge for it. Thank you for the tutorial too! (:
XiceGfx's avatar
You're welcome :)
xDiamonDogx's avatar
thx 4 this tutorial
Dante947's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial.. I used it for my first signature :D
SanguineLaw's avatar
I've just made a signature loosely based on this tutorial. I have to say it does come in handy at certain points. Instead oh the render you used I used Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors :D Thanks for the tut!
Raymanking's avatar

Were you doing this on CS5?

Thanks a BUNCH!!!
XiceGfx's avatar
I wrote this in 2006.. I guess I was using Photoshop CS2 back then. :)
AlexanJ's avatar
thx for the tutorial!
Knight-Devil's avatar
Thank you so much♥
DemiPsycho's avatar
thanks for the tutorial :D
TheInv4sion's avatar
its not downloadable and its unreadble.
XiceGfx's avatar
Yeah, it's because of the deviantart changes.
In Firefox (maybe also in IE I'm not sure) you can right click on the image and select 'view image' to see it in full size so it's readable.
TheInv4sion's avatar
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rock911's avatar
This tut taught me how to smudge :D
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