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Apophysis Tech Tutorial

By XiceGfx
Apophysis Tech Tutorial

This tutorial is meant for apophysis. Basic knowledge of apophysis is required.
With this tutorial you will make a ‘tech’ / ‘sci-fi’ / ‘abstract’ / ‘plastic-like’ fractal.

Pieces made with this technique

[link] Mainline
[link] Greenline
[link] Silmarillia

[link] Technologic
[link] Re-Line

Useful links

Bratz-Designs: *updated, unfortunately, this site doesn't exist anymore..*
Apophysis: [link]
FracFan forums: [link]

If you like this tutorial please add it to your favourites :)

Greetz Xice

PS: I always like to see results
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Made this with your tutorial!  PhoenixArisen-Abstract-Skull by PhoenixArisen
XiceGfx's avatar
Cool to see that people still read this in 2018 :-)
PhoenixArisen's avatar
I still like to keep learning. The basics and tutorials are essential for me as I'm trying to pick up my fractal artwork again. Thanks for noticing. hug 
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Great fun tutorial. Here is a tweak of mine…
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
i can't believe i haven't faved this yet. this was one of my 1st tutorials i learned when i 1st joined dA almost 4 years ago. i fell in love with it then and have all over again. i gotta work on this chumpie again. i see you also work on C4D. how long have you played with that software?
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I could try making TRON like fractals with this.
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Hey nice work !!!

IF you would like to get more Critique where everyone will see your works Visit CFX - [link]

I would really appreciate to see you there .

We have things like


If you choose to register with us, just add "The Prodigy" to your referrer! We could use some resourcers like yourself, so you'd be a welcome member in the community!
Great tut! I made [link] based on it.
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Featured within the "Project Educate - Epic World of Fractal Art" News Article [link] Thanks for sharing :love:
cheeezbryce's avatar
great tutorial! :) i made [link]
XiceGfx's avatar
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thanks for a great tutorial :D very easy to follow, made [link] with it, thanks a lot :D:D:D
Margot1942's avatar
Thanks for share, i will try it. :-)
thetanforever's avatar
I did get very different thing (perhaps because my apo is 2.09) bit i get fantastical results. yay :D
SoulREZ's avatar
great tutorial :)

but i have one question: in my variations i found the juliascope, but not julia power and julia dist :/ maybe because i work with apophsis7x.

any idea where i can get them?^^
XiceGfx's avatar
I'm glad you like the tutorial.
I haven't used Apophysis for a long while, so I can not help you with this question, if you have questions or you need help I advise you to check the #Apophysis group.
SoulREZ's avatar
forget the previous comment :b
found them finally in variables.
thetanforever's avatar
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you're welcome :)
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A big thank you for the tut. He helped me to start work in apophysis.
I'm happy to look at my variation.
XiceGfx's avatar
i'm glad you like it :)
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