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Human Simba

Tada! It's Simba's time! I did have fun making this :D

Don't forget to leave fluffy comments!! :D :iconfaveandcomment1plz::iconfaveandcomment2plz:

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Wow...... Simba was very sexy in that human version ....

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wow, this is........the same!Nod :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz)  
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Wow, Simba's one hot, handsome and sexy human for a Lion King. I love his long red hair, and his good looking face.
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Ah, he's so perfect. He's beautiful
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Beautiful work! You captured his spirit perfectly :D
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Awesome job! I love how much he looks like lion!Simba while still having a very human look! 
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Why is simba not african, what the fuck, he's from africa ''Dislike, not everything is white -.-
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Not all Africans have the dark complexion that most people are familiar with.
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And the lion king is in east Africa which are all blacks.
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What? All of Africa is black except the north coast. Wtf do you know about Africa?
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South Africa has a beige tone.
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They’re still NOT white lmao. They Still have a lower bottom lip that’s bigger than the top. They still have rigid hair. They still have melanin.

That’s the definition of black. Your basically telling me your not black if your skin isn’t the equivalent to the colour black. So now white people arent white and they’re now a peach colour, GREAT, let’s call them peachy people now🤣🤣🤣

It doesn’t matter their tone they’re still black. There are Asians that are blacker than South Africans yet we still call them Asians.

The characteristics are a bigger factor than the skin tone. You might as well tell me snoop dog ain’t black.
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I completely understand your frustration, but it seems to me that the artist is trying to keep within Simba's original color scheme. If you look at Kovu and Scar's humanized versions you'll see that they are done within their original color schemes as well. I think the artist was just trying to show us a version of Simba Disney might have given us if he was human!
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The author sees him as white. Why not? It's him/her own version. Do you want to forbid her/him freedom of imagination?
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Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! He's even hotter as a human! I like that u kept the coloring on his eyelids
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holy shit this is exacly him
I honestly like this. To me this represents more what Simba would look like if he were human than Puglettos' work did. I'm sorry to those who are fans but to me it's true. If you look at her picture she didn't use the hair style, the colors. It barely even resembles Simba. This on the other hand is one of the best interpretations I've seen. Bravo!
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where's nala and zira?
Perfect! Ethnicity is a factor geographically but basic facial features are perfect if staying within the guidelines of the film. You would have to darken the skin for authenticity and I suppose for those who have recently seen Puglettos work and are obviously comparing. Eyes etc are wonderful. Best I have seen! 
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