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Human Scar

OMG I waited soooo long to make this!! :icononionx3plz: I always wanted to make a humanized Scar (from the Lion King, obviously) 'cause I'd never found one that I really liked (they are all like anime or stuff, rather than disney style).
Hope u like it!
Don't forget to leave fluffy comments!! :D :iconfaveandcomment1plz::iconfaveandcomment2plz:

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Great work, I was thinking of being Scar for Halloween this year, now I know what might work!
sirppikala's avatar
Awesome! I'm actually going to cosplay Scar, and your fanart gave me a hint of what kind of wig might work. Thank you very much! ^^
crowandbutterfly's avatar
This is definatly one of the best human!Scars I've seen! Awesome job!
XxCholoutexX's avatar
That is actually really cool but freaky XD
daniemimz's avatar
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great !!!!!!!!
Korwynze's avatar
you are very good at this :D
LadyBelleTaisho's avatar
Oh my goodness, this is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
ZeldaGirl816's avatar
I have no flippin' idea why but he reminds me of Loki from Avengers
AnastaziaTheAwesome's avatar
Jonsukka's avatar
OMG! You´re good!
I could almost say there´s no difference, but there is. =D
waynegirl13's avatar
I liked that he looks so much like his lion counterpart!! :D
Xibira's avatar
Enttesi's avatar
He reminds me a bit of Jafar with the shape of his face. Amazing work :D
lionkinglover33's avatar
the same person who drew scar also drew jafar 
Xibira's avatar
Hahaha jafar was one of my references, still, I didn't base on him to make his face. Clopin was more useful on that way :D
Enttesi's avatar
Well it looks amazing either way :D
PortysPride's avatar
oh wow you got his face exactly! though I must say he looks cute :P
Xibira's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad I did it well :D
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WasahbiArt's avatar
This is great! I really like how you kept the resemblance of his lion form and into his humanized form. Really cool work ^^
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