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Human Kovu

Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry if I didn't post on these days, I went to the South for one week.
------------Damn, Kovu. I just looooove Kovu!! But damn he was much harder to draw than Scar, maybe because Kovu's snout is way much bigger than Scar's:XD:
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Looks good. I'd say this is my favorite of all the human Kovu interpretations.

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BTW, do you take requests by any chance?

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His human form sorta looks like Tarzan XD
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This is soooo good! I'm one of the unpopular few who didn't really like Kovu all that much, but I have to admit that as a human he's very hot haha 
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Omg I dont know who's more sexy simba or kovu THE PRESSURE IS KILLING ME!
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Wow, you captured the expression and hair perfectly!
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mayor  The Monkey With the Nosebleed      this just too hot for me!! *-* 
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Hahaha glad u like it :)
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Ouchie, he's so hot it burns! <3_<3 Great job, the one with Scar was awesome, too! I <3 Lion King!!! <3_<3 <3_<3 <3_<3 <3_<3 <3_<3
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Technically one of the best I have ever seen! He looks exactly the same!
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why are the Simba and Kovu humans so hottttt? xD
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This is sooo awesome!
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I love Kovu too! Super awesome depiction of him! : )
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Hehehehe thank youuu :D
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.. Not fair :/
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