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Disney Beast Age Analysis

Ok...I know what you're gonna think...WTF IS THIS?!?
Hehehehe well, today I saw the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast", which I haven't seen like when I was 9 years old (I'm 18).....soooo, I suddenly noticed a little detail about the age that Beast (Prince Adam) had when he was cursed....and I was like WHOA!!! GOTTA MAKE IT KNOW TO THE WORLD NOW!!!

Hehehehe probably most of you noticed this way before than me, but some of you didnt, right? ;)
When I realized that Prince Adam was 11, I just thought....OMG, he must have been a real cute beast puppy!! And I draw him as a little beast, and then I made this.....thing? :la: :la:
-----(EDIT-2013) I've realized that some of the writings werent so visible, so I fixed that now.
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I wondered if Adam when he was first cursed looked like a younger version of the beast as well. But I believe Enchanted Christmas debunks that theory but I'm not sure..
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I hated the enchantress for what she did not to a 11 year old boy,but cursed the entire castle for no other reason,I hate her even more in the remake(that I also didn’t like)
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looks like you saw what matpat couldn't see
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Matpat made a video on this. :)
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This was so funny and cute.  I love it!
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This made me laugh and I squeed my head off when I saw the 11 year old Beast. He's so adorable and I want to hug him!!!!!
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made me laugh so hard!
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What if, because there's a portrait of him as an adult, the affects of the curse somehow slowed his aging process? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!! XD I dunno, it's just a theory I've heard before. XD
I take your headcanon and add it to my own!
very cute and very funny!!
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either that or his age was suspended for 10 years because of the curse
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Omg I loved how animated you made yourself as you drew this... xD
But I didn't think he'd be a cute beast-puppy! How adorable!! :heart:
There was a mofo huge plot hole with the Enchantress. How are you going to curse a preteen like that when it's shady to let an elder in your home in the middle of the night? And especially when he had no parents!?
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Oh my gosh. I love it. XD
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he realy does look like a puppy
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So cute, and so true.
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Wow, child Beast looks so adorable!
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to be fair I don't actually blame the Enchantress. I personally think that maybe Adam's parents were away when he was cursed, so he would have been told that 'you shouldn't interact with strangers' and so would have been unkind because he took what his parents said too seriously. then a while later, his parents would have returned and assume that the beast killed their son and their servants. besides, the enchantress only wanted good hospitality overall, so... Meh 
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You nearly killed me with cuteness >w<
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Omg You Are Hilarious....XDD :iconohyoublushplz: XD Steven Universe Pearl (Laughing) 
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